has been in my toolkit ever since I started with video as it saves me so much time with captioning and transcribing my videos, and let’s face it I love the filming, editing, and loading of the video, the captioning is not my thing, and if it was not for a service like Rev I might just leave it! (There I said it!)

What Rev Offer:

Transcription – where they type your spoken audio/video files which makes it great for blog ideas, market research, interview transcripts, meeting minutes and more. Captions – English captions for English videos which we know increases video views and is great for the hearing impaired Foreign Subtitles – Foreign language subtitles for English videos in eight languages so you can expand your audience reach, with their Native translators Translation –  Translate written documents to/from English which is a great service for immigration documents, contracts marketing material and more

How it Works:

  • You send your files to Rev either via upload or Youtube Import
  • Turn around in most cases 24 hours or less for  files under 30 minutes
  • And depending on what you ordered you will get your captions or transcription

How Can you use Rev?

  1. To Create Captions to add to those videos you have on YouTube and Facebook
  2. To Transcribe that great video content you already have created so you can create blog posts and key messages from it to share the videos socially
  3. Talk out your next blog, sales letter or email and then have the audio file transcribed (not everyone is great with writing words and this means that you speak it out and create that conversational tone)
  4. Have your eBook, videos etc translated into a video
Rev is kindly offering readers a $10 Coupon that you can use with any of the ideas and services they offer so what have you got to lose? Give it a try and let me know how you go!

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