Join Business Business Business founders Linda Reed-Enever and Clive Enver and kickstart your 2021 Business Success with the 2021 Business Kickstart.

The 2021 Business Kickstart is a 3 day intensive session working with both Clive and Linda on your business and marketing strategies for the year ahead.

Day One will see you work with Business Strategist Clive Enever on your 2021 Strategic Plan covering:

  • Creating your 2021 goals and breaking them down into actionable steps
  • Setting KPI’s to make sure you track and measure your way to success
  • Setting Review process to ensure you can adapt if need be along the way.

Day Two will see you work with Idea Strategist Linda Reed-Enever creating your 2021 Marketing plan, drawing on the goals set in day one and you will cover:

Creating a Marketing Plan for 2021 with actionable steps
Crafting your branding statement for the year ahead
Your personal branding bio and statements
PLUS preparing for the Branding photo-shoot with Mick (professional videographer) on Day 3

Day Three will see you work with Linda and photographer Mick Russell on your brand image for 2021 there will be:

A group branding photoshoot around the city where Mick and Linda will snap and capture headshots you can use in your brand
Plus the opportunity to record 2 90 second promotional videos with Mick to use in your branding message in 2021
Your ticket also includes a copy of the 2021 Business Life Planner PLUS 2 virtual sessions before the weekend: one with Linda on Crafting your perfect video script and a SWOT analysis workshop with Clive to get you ready for the planning day.

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea are also included so we can focus on working on your business with good food and coffee.
Join the dynamic business duo and kickstart your business into 2021.

The first 3 people to register will get 12 months access to the Strategy Circle with Clive Enever Valued at $997 and join his August Intake.

Meet Ideas Strategist Linda Reed-Enever:

Ideas are Linda’s superpowers and when it comes to public relations, marketing, and the media – Linda Reed-Enever is the quintessential “go to girl”. Linda not only understands publicity and marketing but lives and breathes it, connecting people and ideas through her highly successful media agency, Media Connections, and her innovative online business community Business Business Business. Linda helps you come up with and brings your ideas to life.

Meet Business Strategist Clive Enever:

Clive Enever provides powerful and high impact mentoring to business owners thanks to the wealth of knowledge and experience he has built through over 30 years of business success. Using an approach that is warm yet direct and ever results-driven Clive helps his clients to view their businesses in a broader context. Clive’s clients attest to being able to build their success alongside creating the lifestyle they crave – putting an end to the myth that business success requires total personal sacrifice.

Meet Mick Russell our Videographer and Photographer:

Mick is a professional videographer and photographer and has worked with Linda on a number of projects. Mick specialises in fun and creative video content for businesses and brands and when he and Linda work together they create powerful and impactful brand images and video for your business.