1)     Stop getting frustrated.

As leaders we often have pressures of budgets or targets looming over our head. Your manager or client may be riding you for sales, but it is your job to protect your team from that. That’s why you get the big bucks and the fancy title. Too often I see leaders passing the pressure on. They get frustrated with their team and this ruins the culture and is very demoralising. The reality is, if your team is doing shit, THEY KNOW! They do not need you there reminding them. They need you to believe in them, have confidence and certainty that things are going to get better!

2)     Stop expecting more from them than yourself.

A true leader is at the front LEADING the way. If you are the type of leader who sits back and tells people what to do, you are going to struggle, especially with the generation of millennials & post millennials joining the work force. They will do what you do, not what you say! When you are building a team, its even more important to get your hands dirty. Get involved in the training, get involved in the meetings, get involved with targets, get involved in the sales. Do the work. At the end of the day, its YOUR team. The individuals will match the effort you put in, maybe a little less. But you cant expect any more from them. If you want them to get better – YOU must get better first. For instance, if you want them to do more sales, then do more sales training or better yet do more sales yourself!

3)    Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

It is very easy to feel like the world is on your shoulders in a leadership role. You are leading the way for your team and protecting them from the pressure – but who is doing that for you? No one, and that is why you get the glory. Rather than being a wounded soldier and wearing your ‘sacrifice’ as a badge of honour, be grateful for your opportunity as a leader. If you want to get rid of your leadership problems, its simple, get rid of your team! If you want the team (and the rewards that come with it) then you have to accept and appreciate the challenges that come with it. No matter what you are going through and how bad you think the day is, it could be worse, you could be someone on your team right now. And besides, its never really as bad as you believe it is in that moment.

In short, it is not your teams job to serve you, it is in fact, your job as the leader to