Business is tricky. Our company’s growth was unexpected and rapid, and there are a lot of things we could have done better. In two years we got a few times bigger and with the number of clients, I would have never even thought of.

Here are my 3 tips for beginning with a successful business. 

Things aren’t perfect at the beginning

Before we launched, I had a hard time feeling that what we had wasn’t good enough to build a successful business. No matter how much time passed and what progress we made, I still felt like we needed more improvements before entering the market. I know that many other innovative businesses, especially those in IT, face the same problem.

You have to realise that you will never really have everything ready, and there will always be something to add. You need to set realistic, not too long deadlines for achieving your goals and be brave enough to start reaching out to people. I wish someone had told me this while I was sitting there and wondering WHEN would be THE moment to show our work. 

However, don’t be afraid to expand. Once you feel you can grow the business, it is essential not to be overtaken by emotions. Before investing in its expansion, it is worth stopping for a moment and considering ways of doing it so that the business works well in the future.

Have a business plan

It proves that you are a trustworthy business partner. Nobody would invest in a company that only dreams about getting income but doesn’t plan for it reasonably, right? Similarly, who wants to collaborate with an entrepreneur whose feet are not firmly planted on the ground? To earn your place in the business world, you must prove you are a severe business leader. Indeed, a thoughtful business plan establishes your credibility.

In the beginning, we struggled to gain visibility and build networks, just like any start-up. But in my experience, telling about a business plan was one way to show you’re serious about your venture.

Identify and dominate your business niche

Finding a niche in the market and filling it is successful for many small businesses. That was also in our case. The business idea was born with the pandemic when things were suddenly shifting to the online world. We realised that biometric photography online holds the future in this reality and is the answer to the current problems -“How to take a photo to document yourself and without leaving home?”

I suggest looking for the same thing to companies without a well-defined strategy – look for your niche and the problems you solve.