How often have you woken up on ‘the wrong side of the bed’ and just knew that the whole day was going to suck big time and things would not be going right for you?

It makes you want to run for the doona covers again and not emerge right!

Not the best energy for a busy day ahead with decisions to be made and people to have relationships with!

I have been putting into practice new habits to waking up ready for success in every day and have found that these simple choices and actions each day are truly making a difference to how I feel and what I attract daily.

They are simple yet powerful habits to align with.

Feeling peace and happiness are just 2 of the side effects you may experience when you follow these 3 simple ways to create a day ready for success:

  1. It begins the night before!

Before you go to sleep is an important time. When you take the weight of the day with you overnight into your dreams, it has a habit of still being there in the morning. It is like the record of the old keeps turning and playing and then, creating more of the same the next day.

You wake up to ground hog day in your mind and wonder if you got any sleep at all!

When you begin the day this way and end it this way, quite often all the good stuff in between gets lost or forgotten.

Use the last 5-10 minutes of the day (or more) to truly tune in to how you want your life to FEEL. You may like to tap into your vision of that or even think about something that day that made you feel good. Imagining your bigger vision, the people you will help, the people you will meet, that special person that enters your life…whatever it is that brings you joy and puts a smile on your face!

Feeling good is the key here.

  1. Start the day with thoughts that feel good!

Do you wake in the morning and immediately go to your problems? The bills? The arguments? The left over anger from the day before or the worry you have about something or someone?

Set your self up to have something that makes you feel good to focus on. Personally I love the birds singing outside my windows and tune in to the beauty and joy of that!

You might consider some beautiful music, or have your journal nearby to write some gratitude statements. Perhaps you even have a vision board on your device or wall near you that you can tune in to, to feel great!

If you have a partner, a simple loving cuddle could also be the key factor in the morning for you.

5-10 minutes of this habit in the morning will allow a new focus to dominate.

  1. Meditate for 10-15 minutes

So many of us say we don’t have time to meditate yet we will spend a good 30 minutes or more on our devices and social media in the mornings (ps. This is the worst way to set yourself up for success! You inevitably fall into comparison, fear and worry!)

It is the ones who say they do not have enough time to meditate that need it the most!

Set 10-15 minutes every morning for you. Wake up earlier if need be.

Use this quiet time to tune out of your mind and into connection. It will change the direction of your day, mind and focus!

Once a week you could also dedicate a longer period of time to meditate and reenergise, re group and re connect. This also could change the way you show up, act or react on a daily basis. All very important for your overall success.

These 3 things alone have changed everything for me and my clients. These are the basics of a Spiritual practice that truly could transform your life day by day also.

Start tonight. Start. Try it out. Try it on. Start your day ready for success!