The hunt to be more productive is never-ending. More than ever people are searching for tips to be more successful. While tips to hack your time and productivity are catchy and fun, habits are the secret to success.

Successful daily habits will bring you one step closer to all of your goals. So move over life hacks. We cover the 4 proven habits for success.

successful habits

Get Up Early

Successful people know that time is their most valuable asset. Therefore many successful people don’t believe in the snooze button! Many successful people believe waking up early is the key to their success.

For many entrepreneurs waking up early simply means having more time on their hands. In fact, studies show that if you were to get up just one hour earlier each morning you would gain 15 days in a year. That is one surprising wake up call!

By waking up early they have more time on their hands they can spend focusing. From meditation, exercise, or other focus habits they can remove distractions and prepare for the day. This preparation and focus make them more alert and ready to take on the world.

By simply waking up earlier many successful people can get better control of their day, and their time. If you want to be more successful, stop hitting the snooze button.


Exercise is truly the hack for optimal mental and physical health. This habit not only will have you looking and feeling better but can have an amazing impact on your success.

Exercising regularly isn’t just great for staying in shape, but works wonder on your mental health as well. Regular exercise actually improves your mental health, and ability to focus.

Exercise increases the blood flow to your brain. Additionally, your body makes a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) boosts your cognitive abilities; and BDNF is triggered by exercise according to the American Council on Exercise. Combined these improve your awareness and focus, by exercising daily you will be more alert and ready to tackle projects at work.

Many people know that exercise helps you handle stress. This is because when you exercise, your brain releases serotonin, which many call the feel-good hormone. Serotonin improves your state of mind,  which makes daily stressors from work easier to handle.

You can exercise for as little as 30 minutes three times a week for the effects of this habit to take place. This successful habit will have you feeling more focused and productive. It’s time to hit the gym!

Eating Right

Have you ever suffered from the lunch hour slump? Many people are surprised to learn that what you eat can affect your productivity. Eating right is another successful habit that can increase your productivity.

Eating well can increase your productivity in the following ways:

  • Eating well increases energy and alertness
  • Eating well ensures a healthy immune system, meaning less sick days
  • Eating well improves sleep, leading to greater concentration
  • Eating well can help to improve mental health

Another benefit of this healthy habit is an increase in creativity. In a study by the British Journal of Health Psychology, employees who eat five portions of fruit and vegetables on at least four days per week show 25% higher job performance than those who do not.

A change in eating habits can greatly affect your life. Simply making smarter food choices, such as fewer sugars, and more proteins can dramatically increase the way they feel. Additionally meal prepping is a great way to ensure that you have regular healthy meals that work right for your body.

To be successful, you are what you eat!


Reading is one of the most important habits to be successful. It has been reported that prominent CEOs read anything from 3-5 books per month. Reading is one of the best ways you make yourself more successful.

There are many benefits to reading. Reading often can improve your focus, concentration, and is a great channel for personal and professional growth. One study has shown that there’s a strong link between one’s reading skills (such as reading accuracy and speed) and the ability to pay attention.

Reading also introduces you to new concepts and ideas and can improve your problem-solving ability. It can also help you relax and focus better. Depending on what you read, you can even apply certain topics to your own business and career!

Reading is a great way to unwind, and expand your horizons. This daily habit can make you a more focused and a better problem solver. Reading can have a positive influence on your career!


There is no such thing as an overnight success. In truth, it comes down to daily habits and commitments you make every day to improve and be a better person. Thankfully, with the help of following the right habits, you can be one step closer to success every day!

Here are the 4 Proven Habits For Success:

  1. Getting Up early
  2. Exercise
  3. Eating Right
  4. Reading

What’s one of your daily habits?