Running a small business can be hugely rewarding, but also extremely hard work. And the last thing any such owner or manager needs is to fall victim to crime. Whether you operate a shop, office, use a storage facility or even have a small home office in a room at the end of the garden, the implementation of some simple security systems can dramatically lower the likelihood of robbery or vandalism.

The following details four vital means by which to keep your business safe 24/7. After all, when you work for yourself the last thing you need is to be worrying about security. By putting the right systems in place leaves you free to carry on with the real task in hand; That of increasing those all-important baseline profits…

Don’t skimp on locks – ever:

No matter what your business, it’s absolutely vital to ensure your locks are absolutely top notch. Consider whether smart locks and automatic systems could be preferable to the old style lock and key, or perhaps a combination of both. In addition, if you’ve recently purchased or leased a property then you have no idea who might still possess keys. Replace locks in such a scenario. In fact, your insurance might not be valid unless you do, so be sure to get on the case as soon as possible.

Alarm your business premises:

And choose one that has a monitored service, ensuring that if anyone ever did gain access when you’re not there, you’ll be informed and a professional security team will immediately be dispatched to investigate. You might also want to consider an out of hour security guard. Or, if this seems a little extreme, hire a mobile security patrol who make random checks on your property during the hours it’s empty.

Light it up:

Thieves and vandals love working in the shadows. So by ensuring your establishment is well lit is a massive deterrent to these would-be wrongdoers. For both the inside and outside of the building you can install sensors that light up when they detect movement. This means those shady characters never get the darkness they crave and you don’t have to worry about racking up an unnecessarily high electricity bill (plus it’s environmentally-friendly as well).

Use smart access control:

These clever systems allow you to control who has access to enter your business premises, and even individual areas of the property once they’re inside. This gives the ability to restrict access to any individual locations necessary – perhaps where sensitive information is stored or items of high value. Other advantages mean you can quickly and easily change who can be admitted, and you also have a log of exactly who’s been in and out, as well as knowing their time of access.

In addition, in this technologically savvy age in which we live, all small business owners should always be aware of their online security. Never post on social media about an upcoming trip away if it’s in any way linked to your business website or social media page. Sadly many business owners have been caught out in such a manner, and in the 21st century a large proportion of physical crime is linked to online behaviour.