Whether you’re in small business or big business, maximising sales and success is vital to the growth and health of your business. Along this growth journey it is important to check in on factors that can influence how people view you, how much they trust you and how drawn to doing business with you they are.

You should also be on the lookout for anything that can impact negatively on your reputation and actively work to protect your reputation, from all angles. 

These 5 Honesty Hacks focus in on elements of success that relate to truth, honesty and integrity.

Honesty is like a currency that when spent well can bring an abundance of success in sales, and relationships and help you in reaching your personal and professional goals. 

So let’s jump into the 5 honesty hacks that can help you maximise sales and success.

Honesty Hack #1 – BE HONEST WITH SELF

Self-honesty can be the most difficult kind of honesty to tackle, but also the quickest way to see the truth about what needs to be changed, tweaked or improved to reach a greater level of success in sales, in business and in life in general. 

You probably heard of the phrase ‘know thyself’? Well that kicks in here when you explore more deeply the reasons that you may not be achieving the results you are truly capable of achieving. 

Having the courage to challenge your inner limiting beliefs along with doing a self-honesty audit is a great way to shake things up, make changes and move toward better results.

Honesty Hack #2 – TELL THE TRUTH

Let’s get honest here, we’ve been told we should tell the truth since we were kids …Mum said ‘you must always tell the truth’… but along the path of life things can get sometimes get a bit twisted for some people when it comes to truth.

I’ve always considered myself an honest person but when I get in touch with self truth (which I mentioned in hack number 1), then I’d have to say I have had my fair share of hiding or twisting the truth in the past.

These days I work really hard at being transparent, authentic and in speaking truth as much as possible. It seems simple, but I know and you know, it is not always that easy.

Hiding the truth or telling lies may at times give a short term win but will most often bring long term loss. Integrity in sales and in business is essential for lasting relationships. If you want people to like you, respect you, trust you and want to do business with you again and again, then take this hack on board. 

I say work hard to be known as a truth-teller with high integrity and watch your success skyrocket.

And did you know, telling the truth is better for your health. Lying usually takes more effort, causes more stress and if you do enough of it, it can impact on your overall health.


Actively creating a truth-telling environment influences others to be more open and honest in their dealings and interactions with you, allowing you to uncover truthful and useful information with which to make more informed decisions.

Remember everyone gets to choose how truthful and honest they will be in any given interaction, but there are things you can do and say that can increase the likelihood that people will be honest with you. 

Lie spotting seems like fun and the TV crime shows would certainly have us believe that’s it’s easy. It’s not. I say we should work to become truth-attractors before lie spotters and then we will have less lies to spot.

This is especially important when hidden truth could cost you time or money or cause risk to people, your business or your reputation.

Honesty Hack #4 – BE TRUSTWORTHY

Demonstrating with consistency that you are reliable, honest and always do what you say you will do gives people confidence that you are trustworthy and they will be drawn to do business with you. Watch what happens to your sales when people truly trust you.

Trust can be hard to define, but we know when it’s there and we know when it’s lost. 

When you lose trust in someone, you withdraw your energy and your level of engagement. As a result, typically we pull back from that person and from that point on we view the relationship differently and with a lot more caution.

What’s the number one killer of trust? Lies and dishonesty. In business, in sales, in relationships and in life in general, being a trustworthy person makes a HUGE difference to your success. 


Let me jump in with a distinction here – you don’t have to have the title ‘leader’ mentioned next to your name to be a leader. You may lead your family, lead your friends, you may lead at work, no matter your rank or status or position. 

Great leaders look for the best way forward and take into consideration people, outcomes, risks, obstacles, relationships and opportunities. Great leaders work to be transparent and know the importance of integrity in business and relationships.

In a world where honesty and integrity can be difficult to find, decide to set a high standard of honesty that sees you standing out from the crowd. 

By leading with integrity, you can pave the way to greater success in business and in life.

Integrity doesn’t just happen, it includes a combination of factors and behaviours and comes down to choice. Your choice.

Integrity takes a great deal of self truth, which is something I talked about back in honesty hack #1. 

And, it takes courage to tell the truth, which I mentioned in honesty hack #2.

In today’s world there is less tolerance for dishonesty than ever, so now is the perfect time to take on board these 5 honesty hacks to help you maximise sales and success.