As technology continues to develop, there are a growing number of web-related skills that individuals will need to learn for the benefit of future generations. Get started now by learning a few, if not all of the relevant skills listed below in 2021!


Cyber security

Cybercrime is becoming a notoriously common problem on the web. As more of our important information gets stored online, the risk of such data getting leaked is also increasing. As such, it is important to learn how to protect your business’ information or even personal protection in your existing databases.

To upskill in cyber security, you will need to improve your technical aptitude and learn how to troubleshoot problems, as well as how to maintain and update information security systems. In addition you will also need to become familiar with other tasks such as networking monitoring and updating cloud systems. 


Coding involves using programming language to operate a computer or other electronic device. Codes are written in lines to form a script, and essentially command a computer to perform in a certain way. Many have referred to learning coding like learning a new language, except rather than speaking it, you simply type it and run it through computers.

Different computer systems use different types of coding, hence it is important to first differentiate between them and know which type of coding it is that you want to learn. 

Applied blockchain

According to Linkedin, blockchain was the most desirable skill in 2020, and this trend won’t be stopping anytime soon. Blockchain is a type of technology also involving the protection and networking of information stored in databases. 

Learning to apply blockchain technologies in businesses is becoming extremely valuable, simply due to its organisational capacity and high levels of security. Those looking to learn applied blockchain will become familiar with concepts such as Big Data, IoT and AI, blockchain frameworks as well as network governance ecosystems.

Social media marketing

Another skill that is growing high in demand is social media marketing. Gone are the days of billboard campaigns, instead most marketing and advertising campaigns are now conducted on social media. 

While you may already be familiar with social media due to your personal use, social media becomes incredibly different when it comes to marketing for businesses. Skills such as data analysis are required, as well as a deep understanding of each social media platform’s intended audiences.

Different social media platforms have different capabilities and you will need to learn how to take advantage of their functions before successfully executing marketing strategies on social media.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The most common way we use the internet these days is through search engines. We find websites through platforms like Google and Bing, and rely on them to recommend businesses and the services we need. Thus, it will also be helpful to learn the algorithms of these platforms, so your websites can perform better on the internet.

SEO work can involve web design, data analysis (of organic search results, quantity and quality of traffic) as well as content creation and web copywriting. With so many parts of SEO to learn, it’s best to get started as soon as possible!

Looking to learn any of the above tech-related skills? Consider investing in a few educational courses from reputable training institutions! Learn at your own pace and at affordable rates (at least compared with university)!