As a business owner, one of our main struggles can be keeping that funnel topped up.

Finding and connecting with your dream clients is integral to building a successful business, making an income, and building a successful business.

One way you can do this, is by utilising organic streams of marketing, in particular, social media.

The benefits of social media

Social media is phenomenal for developing relationships, demonstrating your value and building authority in your field. Never before have businesses been able to connect so deeply and consistently connect with their audience, and all for free! Although paid ads are certainly an option, in most cases businesses don’t need to spend any money, if they’re doing social correctly.

Organic reach is not dead

Social media engagement is at the core of my marketing strategy. It’s how I’ve managed to launch, grow and scale my business to over 6 figures in my first financial year of operation. All of this without spending a cent on ads, and with a baby under one!

So where do businesses go wrong?

Social media is no longer a place where the messaging of ‘buy buy buy’ cuts through. If your social messaging sticks to the stock standard ‘here’s my product, buy it’ you’ll find it hard to get any traction.

What does work, is consistent engagement, businesses that add value and truly value the relationships they have with their followers.

Here are my five top tips for finding and connecting with your dream clients

  1. Find your space. This is where your dream customers reside, where they’re active, and where you have a chance to connect with them. For me, this is Instagram and Facebook Groups.
  2. Don’t focus on the numbers. With just over 900 followers on Instagram and just over 100 on Facebook, my numbers aren’t high, but these are just vanity metrics! What you should be focusing on is engagement, and conversion rate. This might mean taking a bigger look at your entire online presence and entire sales funnel.
  3. Be smart about content creation. Look at the areas your business can add value and create categories for content. Once you’ve nailed down four – five categories, it becomes easier to pinpoint ideas for sharing, flesh them out, break them down, reuse them and keep your channels consistent. Keep a list at your desk of content ideas, and add to it whenever inspiration strikes.
  4. Find the places you can be more effective with your time. Utilise free tools like Facebook Creator Studio or Planoly to schedule posts. Not every one of your followers will see every one of your posts, so feel free to reuse content that had a good response at a later date.
  5. Stand out. By all means, analyse your competitors, but if you want to be chosen over them you need to focus on what you do best. What is your point of difference? How is your product or process better than theirs? Make sure you’re regularly communicating these areas.
  6. Do design well. I understand every business needs to start somewhere and there are a lot of free options out there to design your visual identity, but in most cases, this is worth the investment. Make sure you have a solid brand to hang your hat on, and a cohesive visual presence. Over time this creates trust and affinity with your target audience.

Remember, in every interaction aim to be the face of your business, while also connecting with individuals in a genuinely helpful way. Social media isn’t going anywhere! The sooner you learn to embrace it, and harness its potential, the more chance you’ll have of keeping that funnel nice and full.