If you want promotions and unique opportunities at work, then you need to make sure that you are standing out in the office.

Coworkers who blend in with the rest of the group won’t get noticed, and it is common for a few people to pop out as natural leaders in the group.

With a few simple steps, it is possible to stand out and be the employee who is noticed in the crowd:

1. Start the Day with a Good Attitude 

There’s a big difference between the employee that shows up on-time to work with a smile on their face, and the person who drags in late every morning. The morning hours offer a golden opportunity to get caught up on odds and ends from the day before, so that you can hit the ground running. Arrive at work a few minutes early to collect your thoughts and prepare for a successful day. You may not think managers notice, but they will.

2. Go the Extra Mile 

It can be harmful to your reputation if you are known as the person who is always cutting corners. Instead, set a reputation as being the person who always meets deadlines and excels on the projects that you are working on. Even if it takes a little extra time, put in the extra work to make sure that you are excelling in each task that is completed.

3. Actions Speak Louder than Words

Many people will say what others want to hear, but it isn’t as common for someone to take action on the promises that are made. Build yourself a reputation of consistency by always following through on the things that you promise to other people.

4. Be a Problem Solver 

People enjoy working on a team with coworkers who are solving problems, instead of dragging through the day with people who are always complaining about trivial issues. It’s all right to be verbal about issues that you notice, but make sure that you follow through to help by fixing the problem. Finding a solution makes you stand out, and leaves a good impression on everyone involved.

5. Show Interest in Others 
Offer a listening ear to your coworkers and clients, and they will identify with you and remember you. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, and sometimes a personal conversation can be the best way to solidify a relationship and create a lasting connection.

Managers and supervisors are often looking for employees who show potential to take on more responsibility, let it be known in the office you are looking for advancement and participate in projects with other departments where possible.