Mobile internet users are outpacing desktop users. According to Hosting Facts, mobile accounts for 52.2% of all internet traffic. Business owners need to adapt. They need to be user-first, especially for those small screens.

Your website is the storefront of your business. This is even more important if you have an e-commerce site. Mobile e-commerce is set to take off in 2019, but many online businesses are faced with dreaded cart abandonment.

What does this mean? It means users are adding items to their cart and navigating away before buying. Abandonment happens around 76% of the time a user shops online. Imagine if 76% of people abandoned their full shopping trolleys at the supermarket.

It’s a lot of lost sales, but there are ways to remedy this and start maximising profit.

Ensure your site is mobile friendly: If guests have to pinch to zoom in and out on their phones, they won’t be on your page for long. Using the site on a phone should be seamless. Help them get the information they want right away, don’t make them dig for it.

Disclose your shipping fees upfront: Many guests lose interest if you’re charging even slightly above average shipping fees.  Free shipping is a great way to entice them to complete the purchase. Plus it adds a positive experience they can share with their family and friends, a little free PR.

Don’t force guests to create an account: Guests are forgoing purchases 34% of the time because sites are forcing account creation. Not every purchaser will buy again, but they might talk about you with their family and friends. Make sure you enable guests purchasing on your site.

Show the total:  Adding too many items to the cart can happen. Guests will keep clicking, then once in the checkout will get pricing shock. This contributes to 21% of cart abandonment, according to OptinMonster. Show the cart total before the user navigates to the checkout process, they’ll appreciate the transparency and it’s more user-friendly.

Retarget your customers: OptinMonster aims to help e-commerce sites maximize their site traffic into sales. It’s never been so simple to automate lead capturing and targeting. OptinMonster lets you design beautiful, targeted ads and test until you perfect your conversions. You’ll gain access to analytics and insights on user behavior, without all the heavy lifting. Whether your goal is increased sales, leads, or email signups, OptinMonster can help you achieve target growth goals.

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