For businesses, one of the biggest issues with outdoor advertising is working out how to effectively convert your audience to online and also how to accurately measure the ROI of your outdoor advertisement. Below we detail some helpful tips to traffic the effectiveness of outdoor advertising online.

Prepare and do your research

Before choosing a location for your outdoor advertisement it’s important that you do your research to ensure that you are targeting the correct audience; the more you know about them the better. Questions you need to ask yourself to identify your target audience include:

  • What is the age range?
  • What demographic is your target audience? This will greatly affect your choice of location.
  • Is your audience largely male or female?
  • What is the primary occupation of your target audience?

Answering these questions will help you to determine where you should be advertising and the medium of outdoor advertising that you should use.

Analyse all of the data that you already have about your current customers as well as it’s important that you know your current customers and their purchasing habits in detail.

Outdoor advertising options – be creative!

There are many out of home or outdoor advertising solutions to choose from apart from static billboard signs; these include digital signage at public transport locations, street furniture, sporting events etc.

If you are choosing a static billboard option, consider creating something out of the ordinary to make your ad stand out; perhaps a pop out image or some other creative addition. To get an effective ROI on your advertisement you really need to capture the attention of your audience as you only really have a few seconds to create an impact

Something else to consider is a digital billboard, according to

 “Seventy-five percent of consumers who travel roadways with digital billboards can recall seeing one within the past month, and 55 percent of those can recall the sign’s message most of the time or every time they pass by”.

Better still some agencies taking digital advertising further by introducing hidden cameras which take images for computer analysis of gender and age to determine which add to display; the perfect way to specifically target your audience.

Create a custom landing page

Create a custom landing page specifically for your outdoor advertising campaign. By doing so, it gives you the opportunity to focus on the main goal of your campaign. For example, if you are selling products for the events industry, you could, therefore, make your customised landing page to be focused mainly on the items you sell for the event, like crowd control barriers and printed signs, instead of everything else that you sell that may not be related. This can lead to more conversions for your campaign.

It’s best to keep your custom URL short so that it’s easy to remember if it is long and complicated no one is going to remember it. There are many websites designed to help you create your own short customised URL, the most popular being

Google Analytics

You’re using google analytics, right? If not you should be. Google Analytics will allow you to see how many people have visited your custom landing page and how long they have spent on the page. You can also set goals to see how many conversions you have received.

Include a phone number in your advertisement

It’s important to include a phone number in your advertisement, especially if you are targeting an older generation. Some people may not be comfortable with visiting your custom landing page; by including your phone number this may help to convert potential customers who are more inclined to deal with an actual person than a computer.