They say that if your business is not on Facebook (and other online channels, for that matter), then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Facebook is one, if not the most cost-effective marketing tool a business owner can take advantage of. There’s no need to list down the benefits having a lively Facebook presence does to a business because we’ve all seen how powerful social media can be.

Whether you’re someone new or someone who needs to improve your business’ Facebook presence, here are some easy, but usually forgotten tips when managing a Facebook page or account.

1. Fill everything out. Yes, this is important but most social media managers are often in a hurry to boost engagement that they forget to fill out these necessary info. Some of them fill out only the website and contact info field. But think about this. How will your followers know what your business is all about if you don’t tell them. The description fields were created for this purpose.

Having a complete Facebook profile does not only provide your followers with the info that they need, it also boosts your trustworthiness as a business. People want to learn more without leaving Facebook. So take some time to sit down and go over your profile to see which information might be missing.

2. Post consistently. According to Ogilvy, Facebook’s organic content reach has dropped to 2% of the page’s total audience. Hence, it is important to post frequently and consistently. Posting one update per day doesn’t cut it out in these times when every other business is competing for customers online.

Create a content calendar and schedule evergreen posts so you don’t have to worry what to post for the day. Of course, don’t forget to mix in fresh content.

3. Don’t get overwhelmed with new features. Recently, Facebook has launched Snapchat-like features like stories and disappearing messages. Last month they incorporated the Jobs section which mimics LinkedIn. With new features being released every month, though not all of them are unique, makes marketers overwhelmed. How do you use the new feature for your business? How do you integrate it with your current marketing strategy?

First, hold your horses.Who says you have to use all of Facebook’s features?  It is very important to understand that not all of these features are useful for your business. Focus on what really works for the brand and use features that will only contribute to the growth of your online presence.

4. React to reactions and comments. You have to pay attention for both positive and negative comments. Positive comments are easier to handle, but negative ones need careful consideration. If you see an angry customer posting on your page or commenting on your post, DO NOT DELETE. That’s the same as admitting guilt and being shameful of it. But don’t post your side on the comment either, leaving it for all to see. Instead, invite the customer for a private chat or email where you can solve the issue. If the problem is then solved, then you can ask the customer to delete the negative comment or post.

5. Don’t skimp on advertising. Have I told you that organic reach for Facebook has dropped to 2%? Right, and experts are predicting that it will reach zero soon. So don’t be stingy with your advertising budget. Besides, Facebook advertising doesn’t cost much. It’s actually one of the most cost effective advertising platforms there is today.

The average Cost Per Click (CPC) around the world is about $0.35 and in Australia, it’s about $0.76.  The minimum spend for Facebook ads is just $1 per day and you could get more impressions for your dollar. The average cost  per 1,000 impressions  is around $0.25, definitely lower than other advertising platforms.

6. Stay engaged. Growing your Facebook presence doesn’t happen overnight. You need to invest time and effort and lots of Facebook hours to improve your engagement. You can assign a social media person from your company to look after your Facebook page, or you can hire social media specialists for a more professional approach. The important thing is that messages are replied ASAP and comments/reactions are monitored all the time.

Building and maintaining your social media presence is a lot of work, but it pays off in the end. It offers a lot of marketing opportunities that traditional marketing can’t hope to achieve. Being on social media, especially Facebook, allows you to reach more potential customers and improve your branding, no matter what industry you’re in.