Artificial Intelligence (AI), the most transformative technology, stuns tech enthusiasts with its uncountable capabilities in almost every industry. Integrating businesses with their massive potential and advancements, following Artificial Intelligence trends, has become a prime tool for organizations to innovate.

Furthermore, the latest McKinsey Global Survey on AI presents its adoption rate to increase enormously in 2022. The bots and algorithms serve to be cost-effective, efficient, and adaptive. 

Companies all over the world have received an incredible boost in revenue generation and business establishment using advanced technological components all integrated with AI. In addition, if you look at the AI business trends findings of 2022, you will find an incredible avenue of opportunities for progress and development. Almost 56% of organizations have opted for AI adoption. 

If you are thinking about creating a result-oriented strategy for your small-scale business in 2022, here are some emerging trends in artificial intelligence to follow. 

Promising AI Business Trends Of 2022 

Delve into a comprehensive guide covering the top current trends in AI along with their use cases, tips, and benefits. Read on! 

1. Analytics And AI- The Strategic Duo 

To check the core competency of a business and to remove all the roadblocks, organizations have to rely on Analytics. With AI and analytics securing a foremost position in the strategic plan, businesses around the globe are getting more systematic, calculative, and targeted. It is one of the recent trends in AI, which is widely acknowledged by brands. 

Most importantly, AI and Analytics power up loyalty, restrict fraudulent activities, and knock out scammers. It ensures to build an unbreachable firewall around your business and its operations. Small businesses need web security and AI has become an unsurpassable component for its sustainability and cybersecurity. Moreover, McKinsey Digital’s report suggests that AI-integrated forecasting reduces 30 to 50% errors in supply chain networks. 

Hence, if you want to create avenues for greater prosperity for your business, you need to make the following modernization with AI:

  • Design agile, well-governed, and highly collaborative operating models
  • Align your analytic and data strategies

2. The Rise Of the Augmented Workforce

When the world began to witness the growing power and increasingly effective capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, many tech-savvies came up with their theories of how it will replace humans. However, if you ponder on the recent trends in AI, you will find the rise of the augmented workforce.

The concept is based on utilizing the human workforce in a way that they collaborate and work on highly advanced AI bots and technologies. The two versatile workforces will together generate enormous profitabilities and success for the organizations. 

As per the statistics, nearly 51% of enterprises have adopted such AI business trends. Moreover, by the year 2023, it’s predicted that organizations will use AI-augmented automation to handle nearly 40% of infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams

Furthermore, the third iteration of Generative Pre-trained Transformer commonly known as GPT-3 by OpenAI, is one of the top use cases of AI-augmented automation. 

The system is bundled with the following attributes: 

  • 175 billion parameters in the neural network model
  • Proven coherent prose 
  • Computer coding 
  • Generates images

The idea is to make humans more creative and to make the systems operate with enhanced efficiency. 

3. AI and Data Management 

Taking initiatives to ensure sound data management emerged to be a prominent one among the top AI business trends. Companies situated in every corner of the globe are diverting towards establishing such policies, frameworks, and processes that can gather and utilize Big Data. 

Moreover, the utilization of data has gone way beyond its former purpose of solving only the specific operational problem. It is now used to offer digital experience analytics in 2021. Brands are focusing on leveraging holistic DEA solutions to gather deeper insights for a valuable customer journey. Even discount platforms use analytics to target different regions. ClothingRIC coupons from Australia are gathered on a single page and advertised to the users through algorithms. 

In addition, stats reveal that over 62% of businesses are opting to submit data to AI to find enhanced opportunities and techniques to grow their business. 

In addition, if you leverage AI and Big Data together, your business will show improvement in the following aspects. 

  • Anticipated lead generation
  • Opportunities to capitalize on the latest industry trends 
  • Personalization and customization 
  • Real-Time monitoring analytics 

4. The Use Of Omnichannel Automation Solutions 

Automation may not be new in the top AI business trends list but improvisation and modernization are what you must adopt this year. 

With the help of omnichannel automation, businesses have overcome many challenges related to documentation, and communication which directly impact their operational cycles and clientele. AI solutions help in automating such tasks by mimicking human actions and responding in a more natural tone. 

The advent of chatbots has shaken the world with its mind-blowing attributes; however, soon the bots failed to interact with free text. As per the survey, businesses have to unstructured almost 85% of the content daily. 

Simplified showcases one of the best use cases of this recent trend in AI. It provides an omnichannel solution via Digital Employee which is integrated with an Intelligent Process Automation. The system utilizes both Robotic Process Automation and Natural Language Processing to manage, automate and integrate digital processes.

Here are some of the prominent outcomes of adopting Omnichannel Automation:

  • Creates seamless lead generation
  • Offers tailored strategies with targeted results 
  • Create solutions to combine email, social ads, text, etc
  • Boost ROI

5. Self-Serve And Low-Code/No-Code Technologies

The demand to go into analytic strategy adoption becomes one of the emerging trends in artificial intelligence. It created a huge gap in supply and demand for tech-savvy professionals. 

Not every company has the budget to hire professional AI engineers or competent IT specialists to create cutting-edge AI platforms. As the AI solutions required low-code or full-code software, it became trouble competing for the advancements of the tech industry. 

Hence, in 2022, the use of no-code and self-serve technologies will be on the rise. As per the current trends in AI, companies will be going for developing simple, minimalistic frameworks. With this transformative trend, web designs and UI tools will be pre-coded and only requires users to personalize as per their business needs. 

Now businesses will only have to work on the following attributes:

  • Set rules
  • Train their software 
  • Set unique parameters
  • Personalize the functionality 

Moreover, as per the Google trends, although the benefits of no-code are attracting businesses around the globe yet the adoption rate is still much lower. The no-code trend may not replace the need to have data scientists on the whole. However, it has been regarded to be an emerging technique among the recent trends in AI.

6. Tackling Bias In Artificial Intelligence Models 

The use of artificial intelligence in sensitive models of industries including healthcare, hiring, and criminal justice stirred a wave of debates. Hence, in 2022, necessary measures would be taken to handle the mitigation. This requires a deeper understanding of the AI models and finding better ways to program the bots. 

Users have to understand the main components of artificial intelligence. It revolves around Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). By creating a system based on these components, there is a greater chance of ensuring fair and just practices. 

The main problem associated with bias is the method of evaluation rather than the data itself. To improve the system, one needs to incorporate the data revolving around human judgments or reflecting the second-order consequences of historical and societal injustices to train the models. 

Moreover, one needs to look into the fairness pipeline and make changes that can impact the overall system efficiency. Here are the four basic aspects of the fairness pipeline:

  • Design
  • Data
  • Model
  • Application

The fairness pipeline propagates on the above four compounds that serve as the basis of decision-making processes. 

Top AI Tools- Leverage Cutting Edge Software 

When aiming to build state-of-the-art AI integrated platforms, you need to get your hands on best-in-class tools and software. Here is a list of leading AI tools that offer the simplest services like business name generator tools online to enhance automation. Check out the list below: 

Viso Suite Platform

Viso Suite, a leading non-code computer vision platform, helps businesses to build, deploy and monitor their AI applications in real-time. It’s a low-code/no-code platform that equips an organization with cutting-edge enterprise AI infrastructures and frameworks.

Content DNA Platform

Content DNA is one of the reputed artificial intelligence software specialized in video content analysis. Many promising telecom and broadcasting agencies prefer the platform to carry out versatile video-related tasks. It offers anomaly detection, scene recognition, and enriching metadata.

Google Cloud AI Platform

Next on the list is the Google Cloud AI Platform. It provides a set of multiple machine learning tools. Moreover, Google Cloud AI is one of the most preferred and commonly used platforms among data scientists and skilled developers. 


AI business trends bring together techniques revolving around infrastructure, data utilization, business marketing, operations, and management. The trends throw light on the advancements going on in every sector of business. The AI applications including fraud detection,  predictive maintenance, supply chain monitoring, smart sensing, and customer engagement are getting all the attention this year. 

Hence, you need to take the necessary steps to bring improvisation and modernization by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence in 2022. This will ensure building a prosperous and profitable avenue of greater business growth.