Growing a business can be hard work. It’s even harder to know what marketing strategies to choose. What will work best for my business? How much do I need to spend on marketing products to get a good return on investment?


Here’s the thing. Marketing is ever changing. Marketing 5 years ago is different to today—and it will be different again tomorrow. We are changing. We expect more. We read between the lines. And we understand what we want and why.

That’s why we need to get back to the basics and the core of a great business. How many can you tick off this list today? 


Exceed expectations

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make your business sparkle. Set an expectation and then over deliver. For example: If you tell your customer something will be ready in 3 days, then deliver in 2. Leave a great lasting impression!

Don’t sell to your customers, help them.

Consumers are smart. The minute you try and ‘sell’ them something, they know. This just creates a barrier and a negative experience that can bruise your brand. Get to know your customer by asking the right questions and tailor your approach accordingly.

Create a positive experience (from start to finish).

Have you ever encountered the sales person that has a complete personality change once you’ve agreed to purchase? The once over-the-top nice and attentive sales person decides you’re not important to them anymore, leaving you feeling confused. Some industries even go as far as ‘handing you over’ to someone else once the sale is initiated. Not only is this unprofessional (and completely obvious), it leaves a negative impression and as a result you would think twice before buying from them again. Don’t they know the easiest way to grow their business is by returning existing customers?

Be excellent at what you do.

Master your craft and be excellent. (Not just good.)

Make things easy for your customers.

Been to a business that doesn’t take eftpos? What about a street facing business that never has parking? It’s your job to make purchasing as easy as possible.

Stay focussed and work hard.

Being motivated to grow your business means you’re working towards your end goal. Being focussed and working hard to build your business will give you results.