Change up your day with these 7 steps that will have you on your way to greatness:

  1. Find your optimum body clock and stick to a structured sleep regime, i.e go to bed daily at 8.30 pm with daily starts of 4.30am (trial it for 7 days it’s life changing)
  2. Exercise daily min 60 min no matter what, gym, yoga, run. I walk when I’m time poor and line up all my client calls to do during this time
  3. Trade 30 minutes social media time each day (yes we are all spending a lot more time on it) to read a book – preferably something that inspires or soothes
  4. Set an intention for each day in the written form. For me, it’s a productivity focus, or to be inspiration to others or to show up as being present in all engagements (let your intention be the theme for your day) – mix it up and try different ones each day but always set an intention
  5. Be a giver of significance to others, learn your barista’s name and use it! Compliment a colleague, acknowledge people in meaningful/small ways that are authentic, be generous with praise. We are in a world of people starving for significance.
  6. Practice a ritual- something you do 3 times per week, that you are passionate about, that you can improve in skill – i.e. art class, yoga training, something creative. Having a ritual will bring you greater certainty in your life when times are wobbly
  7. Actively practice gratitude (it’s a currency) write down what you are grateful for on bits of paper and store them in a jar, shoe box, or on your iPhone.  The more actively you practice gratitude the greater you will feel.