7 Laws of Success in Business

7 Laws of Success in Business

It is a strange thing that the dynamics of the family system impacts directly on business and organisations. This is a strong connection based on observation, pure and simple, not guesswork, opinion or a bias towards any particular belief.

Success in Business

We have seen in Life Constellations that there is a hierarchy which will succeed over time above all others. Other systems will be punished sooner or later, like BP, Enron, The Wall Street Brigade and a host of others.

For those of you out there interested in details, there must be a score of other companies, banks, institutions, whether they be Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, as well as the above and some Countries also seem to be toppling- and yes China’s turn will come as it must.

Law 1 : Companies and businesses thrive when employees feel valued, even loved, where customers feel they are being served and where the owner respects the hierarchy. This does not imply that you follow these laws out of fear of your business being punished; it implies that you bring more awareness and consciousness into your business life and obviously into your life.

Law 2 : There is an order which is clear and if you’re interested in being successful they are as set out here below. An owner of a company or business must always give heed to the following sequence:

• The employees
• The customers
• The Shareholders

A year or so there was a piece on CNN where one of the most successful businesses was one where the businessman put the employees first. At a certain stage in the growth of the company it got into trouble and rather than cutting employees down and culling them out he decided to take a drop in profits.

Now this is rare anywhere, but how grateful would those employees be?  Think about it? How grateful would you be if you were one of those employees? Very grateful I’d say, if it were me. This law of priorities plays a part in business and life so important that I see it as a way that we can all live a better and more abundant life.

Law 3: If your business is making money it must serve life also as people are being employed, their families are being looked after and the overall happiness of people is being exponentially increased.

Law 4: Do NOT think that you’re pulling the wool over your employees or team members. If you are, it will be the employees or team members at the lower stratum of the organisation in everything from skills to attitude.  If you are a business owner, even thinking of getting out of the business, your employees and even your customers will be feeling a bit shaky. You may not have told them even.

By now many people are aware that there is a field which joins us all; you can call it a mental field or a morphogenic field and it operates in such a way that everyone really knows what’s going on whether a matter is being spoken about or not.

Law 5: Know your numbers. The more financially literate you are, the more you will be thinking like a Business Owner rather than the one who works like a dog in it.

Law 6: Not that we’re dolphins, but some research shows these species to be highly intelligent regarding many things, apart from their incredible communication skills. One way they express their intelligence is to devote a high proportion of their time to fun, some say 70%. By the way ask Richard Branson how much fun he has in business.
Law 7: Why don’t you all add what you think it could be or alternatively, add your famous 7 Laws.


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