Working from home is a dream come true but it can also be a complete nightmare. You see, working from home isn’t a thing for everyone. Sure, it’d be nice to take control of your time. It’d be nice to work even with your pyjamas on.

It’s nice to have an online income, but working efficiently when you’re in the comfort of your own home can be quite a challenge. Think about it. There are loads of distractions. You have no one to look after while working like you had when you were still working in the office. There is no person to turn to if a project you’re holding turns out to be a failure.

In other words, you have everything to and all by yourself. But just because being a remote worker is no easy task doesn’t mean it can’t be done. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself productive even when you’re in the comfort of your own home, or in any location for that matter.

  1. Work the same time you do when you were still working in an office

It’s quite tempting to be totally flexible with your time when you first get started working from home. It’s quite tempting to work with the TV turned on. You’ll be tempted multiple times to take breaks whenever you want.

But if you do that, you’re the one who’s going to suffer in the process. Even though, you’re working from home, you’re still working, nonetheless. With that, you have to maintain productivity, and in order to do that, you need to establish a system. It all starts with working on time. That way, you can maximize the whole day for productivity, and still have enough time for rest.

  1. Set a different time for work and play

Setting and complying with the right time for work is important if you want to be productive, but know that setting time for play is just as important.

Being efficient as a home-based worker means that you have to respect your time for work, but it also means that you must have enough energy to be able to perform your duties during those times.

If it’s your first time working from home, you might be tempted to work nonstop. All the excitement is getting to you. You feel like you don’t want to stop working.  You’re just getting the hang of the whole work at home thing. If that describes you any in any way, then it will do you well to know that people who work nonstop tend to experience a burn out, and when that happens productivity is going to be harder than ever.

You’ll start feeling as if your brain is empty. It’s like you can’t even think of anything that can help you move further with your tasks, and you don’t want that. So, to avoid that from happening, you should give yourself a day off.

  1. Be systematic with your work

Getting up and starting your work on time is a great way to be productive but for it to really work, you have to strategize your work flow.

It might be tempting to just jump off to any task that comes into your mind, but working from home doesn’t have anything to do with soothing your tastes or temptations. It’s about getting things done. It’s about being productive, and for productive things to happen, you must have a certain workflow that you are aware of.

  1. Plan your day

It’s important to be systematic when performing your tasks, and in order to effectively systemize your workflow, you also have to set breaks.

Being systemized doesn’t mean that you have to start working to no end. Remember that by the end of the day, what really matters is what you’ve accomplished, and the only way for you to accomplish anything is if you’re in the right condition to do your work.

  1. Keep your workspace neat

It feels really good to be working in your comfy couch with the TV on but doing so means that you’re going to lag down on productivity.

It’s unavoidable to feel right at home while working. Well, that is the reason why you decide to work from home in the first place but if you want maximum productivity then you should have to set a workspace similar to your work office.

That way, you’ll feel as if you’re back in your old space when you were still working for an office. By making use of a much work-friendly environment, you’ll be able to make better use of your time and be more productive.

  1. Set boundaries

Just the same with every other kind of work, concentration is important. Yes, you’ve already systemized your work schedule and workflow, but if you want this whole working from home thing to work, then you’ve got to keep your workspace free from all kinds of distractions such as children, pets, and other things can distract from work.

  1. Clean after yourself

In order to be efficient while working from your home, you need to maintain an environment that’s conducive for work. With that, you have to keep your workspace squeaky clean.

Back when you were still working for a company, there was a janitor cleaning the office, but now that you’re practically working for yourself, you have to start being your own janitor.

  1. Do whatever it is that gets you in the work zone

Now that you’re working from your own home, you no longer have co-workers who you distract. You can now do whatever it is you were meaning to do back when you were in the office, given that it’s going to help you concentrate better in your work.

There are people who can concentrate with better with background music, and if you’re one of them then feel free to do it now.