Discover 9 tips to help you promote your business on a shoesting budget

  1. PR

Look into hiring a PR consultant. They can assist you with creating brand awareness and media exposure. This can work out a lot cheaper than paying for advertising. For example, one full page of media coverage can work out thousands of dollars cheaper than a full page advert in the same publication.

  1. Networking groups

Networking groups, such as The Mothers Den can assist you with ideas and strategies, which can help to promote and build your business. You also get to meet people who can refer you on to potential clients. Word of mouth is priceless.

  1. Vouchers/discounts

Offer a special voucher or discount to try and entice potential customers to try or buy your product or service. You can also offer loyalty programs or refer a friend programs to existing customers.

  1. Videos

Post a series of interesting videos or webinars about your product, service or your niche expertise on social media and on your website. You will be using the video as a tool to show off your proficiency and product experience.

  1. Newsletter

Email your customers a monthly newsletter with tips, information and promotions. Add a subscription button to your website so that potential customers can sign up.

  1. Write a blog

Write a blog focusing on your unique product or service and your skills relating to your business. Ensure this is educational and not boring. Link your blog to your website and social media sites.

  1. Volunteer

Get your name and business out there by volunteering your business services to charities or your local community. It’s also great to help others whether it is the local school or council.

  1. Info graphics

People are busy and often don’t have time to read through articles. Info graphics are visual eye candy. They are easy to digest. Hire a graphic designer or google how to do one online yourself! Use info graphics on your website, in flyers, your newsletter and on social media.

  1. Run competitions

Your PR consultant can assist you in arranging giveaways/competitions to create brand awareness and to drive up your social media likes!