Everyone in business, whether you like it, or not, is firstly in the business of sales and selling. As a friend of mine once said, ‘Nothing Happens Until Someone Buys Something’.

I guess when you then about it, all the machinery, goes to work for any after anyone buys a product or service. Yet from my experience, if you asked most people in business or even in a role that requires them to sell stuff. Ask them to take you through their system and process for how they think, act, and communicate that leads a prospect to a happy buying customer and most will struggle. WHICH BLOWS MY MIND.

The good news is you do want to learn how to sell with fun, skill, and confidence. I’ll share with you how you can, in this article. I have the answers, we can rebuild you. But before then. Back to supporting you to make all the sales you want by unlocking your Sweet Selling Superpowers. 

If you don’t already know this, or as a pleasant reminder. If you’re reading this article to learn more about how to increase your sales revenue, engage more happy buying customers, and realize your dreams for success and abundance. If nothing, just be able to serve more customers and take care of your family.

Before we get into the juicy parts, how you think, speak, and conduct yourself, can make ALL the difference.

To the results, you achieve when speaking with prospective clients with the intention to build a real connection and create a bond and also have them feel good about buying you and from you. A quick test to help reinforce this concept. In the morning, wake up and before you’re heading out the door or getting ready to start your day, look in the mirror and look yourself from your feet to your face and ask yourself this.

Would I buy what I am selling from me and do I know how to sell what I am selling to someone?
If the answer is yes, great! If it’s kind of, or not really to no. You’ve got two choices as I see it. Pack up your business and go do something else that requires you not to sell. Or learn how to become masterful in the modern, authentic, structured approach to selling with confidence.

I’m sure you’ll pick the second option. Well, I hope you would.  Or life is just going to stay the same, and I can only imagine that same, isn’t too much fun is it!? The exciting news is, you can learn how.

As I was asked recently. I received a call from a friend and client who wanted me to do some further sales training with his team. As we talked through what he wanted, his need was to have me conduct a training and upskilling program for his call center team.

With the intention to help them have the skills to speak and communicate in a manner that builds connection and trust with their customers. Which he said something that really stuck with me and got me thinking and really opened my eyes to an important area of focus for this work, I didn’t realise at the time, just how important it really is.

The importance being, as he shared, ‘Trevor, I’m not sure what you call it, but my team needs those words, those ways you taught us to say things, that helps to build a connection and softens their way of speaking with customers and team members.

And I replied with, ‘do you mean, teaching them how to be, selling sweetly?’ To which he responded. Yes! Exactly!

So, what is sweet selling?

These are the words and ways you can speak with prospects and customers, backed with a sweet, patient, and calm energy. That is a nice, non-salesy approach that engages with our prospects and customers quickly. And makes for a much more satisfying and productive form of communication.

While also supporting our confidence in building quality relationships with these people and has a dramatic effect in our ability to work with more people who buy from us, because of how we use the written and spoken word.

  1. Firstly, it’s about the decision you make which is deciding to be of services.
  2. To make your communication with customers about them!
  3. To approach all customer interactions, whether in email, through social media, on the phone, and in-person, with an intention to about them.
  4. To find out how you can provide value in return for what they are buying from you!
  5. Humanise your communication, (bring sweetness) into your written and spoken words.
  6. With the intention to make the communication process, clear, interesting, and caring!
  7. Be pleasant and allows for the creating of connection, trust, and willingness to listen.
  8. Aim to create a feeling of ease and pleasure, while also intentional to lead to a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties.

Now I’m not suggesting you must be something that you’re not, such as overly positive, over-friendly, that can be painful and false! But if you’re more of a Director D style, overbearing and a, just get to the point type of person. You could consider bringing your personality to a place that is nicer and easier to be with, especially when customers.

Or you’re a more Conservative C style personality, that is introverted and is not comfortable when it comes to communicating with people. Or you too much, just get to the point, type person. You could do with bringing some human engagement into your written and spoken word.

All of this and only if you feel you want and need better connection and results and outcomes when it comes to customer and client and even with your team and staff.

Which if we refer to point 3 and 4 here are some examples of how to say and use Sweet Selling words and phrases.  To soften and connect in a style much prefer to be communicated with and builds for better relationships.

Old Selling VS New Selling 😊
Hard, Cold, Push Smooth and Sweetly
I must! They better buy or else. I’m going to find out if and how I can assist them.
Ok so here’s the deal Would you mind if I went through how we provide our services?
Do you want it, or not? Can we discuss if working together will be of value to you?
You better get insurance because only smart people get insurance. I’m curious, would you be interested in ensuring the family is protected, God forbid if anything was to happen!?
Can I help you? Hi! Thanks for dropping in, have a look around if you need anything just shout.
I’ll send the invoice for payment; our terms are 7 days. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, if I can prepare the invoice and send to you can you attend to that by the end of the week?
When you buy this, the project should be completed by 1/6/19. But we don’t guarantee that, as issues can arise. If we work together, I’ll do my best to make sure everything is delivered as planned by the agreed completion date of 1/6/19
Are you ready to buy now? I feel from what you’ve shared, what you want, and what we can do for you… is a particularly good solution. Shall we get things underway?
You just must be in this, it’s so good and exciting, and if you don’t, you’ll miss out. If you would imagine this, here we are, say 6 months from now, looking back, (pointing). If your life was better in any areas, what would you most like to change, fix, and improve, to feel things have gotten a lot better for you and your family? And you’re on a better journey?
This is the way you should go. Let’s get you set up. From what we’ve discussed, and then walking through the different packages and what will be the best way to support what you want to achieve, I feel package 1 is a good fit. However, if we proceeded, which do you think would be what you want?

How is your speaking and communicating style? Is it harsh and direct, or could it do with some softening? Why? To help achieve more collaborative relationships and bottom line improve the sales and conversion results you’re pursuing.

Now I get how some people speak to each other in some industries are going to be different from others. How a business consultant speaks to his prospective clients is going to be quite different from how a construction manager speaks to his prospects.

However, just so you know, having trained both types of industries, what I have experienced is that everyone likes to be spoken to nicely, even the hardest of hard businesspeople.

To help bring clarity and application for how to observe sweet selling in action, let’s continue to the 7 Pillar Business Sales Growth System, whereby you will see and hear this approach to communicating in action. Then you can decide for yourself, what to take and leave to work best for you.

What could you say that sweetens your way of speaking when selling?


How are your conversion results from your written and spoken words and how can you sweeten up your approach and style to build better connections and sell on value?


If you’re reading this article, it’s obvious you are looking at ways to make more sales revenue and learn the ways to stand out from the competition and secure your career and or the future of your business’s success.

If you would like more help with all of this, you can learn how to sell anything with the skill and confidence that works. In this book, I have just released it. IWANT Customer Sales Money TODAY. COVID 19 To THRIVING.

Imagine, reading a book and learning all the ways to…

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HOWEVER, the people buy this book or any book, are The Extra-Ordinary people. The people that get what they want. Achieve at the highest levels.
Why? And how does this help your goal for wanting to make more sales and money? Just think right now what is your brain saying to you about buying a book and spending $30 odd $ to access all this Gold?

Is it saying, I’m doing it right now and buying it! I JUST DID IT TREVOR. It’s on it’s way to me.

Or is your mind saying, oh $30! Will it work, what if this is a scam. I’ll have to think about that. I don’t really like to read books. Maybe later, or maybe I can find something free on the internet.

I’m not saying this to you to sell a $30. I’ll do just fine whether you do or don’t. The purpose of what I am sharing with you here is because, firstly, my WHY is to empower people to get all they WANT in business and life. I want this for me and I want this for you.
And secondly, to help do my part to have people get, making more money and sales or whatever it is, comes down to a very small difference in what one person does over the other. Why 1 person’s business is thriving and the other persons in the same industry are closing its doors. Comes down to those decisions and things they spend time doing the other doesn’t.

Those, 90% of people will spend more time worrying about their current circumstances. Find time for endless social media, Netflix, and drink coffee with friends. But FEAR runs them and stops them at every turn when it comes to getting out of struggle and into freedom. 


But it’s the extra-ordinary person, who make decisions and stick with them! It’s this person who is more scared of what comes with NOT ACTING THROUGH FEAR.

They make the time to learn how to get what they want, they push through FEAR of not being good enough and how to do the things that will bring them success, clients, money, and health and a better life. They will find ways to make the calls, to meet and speak and believe in what they are selling.

They are warriors of their own minds. They run it, it doesn’t run them.

in closing, why all the rant here. Well, I’m sure you guessed it. In this time of struggle and fear and uncertainty, if you’re reading this I am sensing you’re in the Extra-Ordinary club. And you get it’s warrior time. Learning how to Sweet Sell and learning how to get the results you WANT and may very much NEED is more important than ever. There is no hiding out now.

The good news is, you have some ways here to help your cause. You have a book loaded with all anyone needs to know, to sell anything with confidence and skill.

As the saying goes, you can lead them to the water troth but you can’t make them drink. What will you do?

Sweet selling success to you! Let’s all work together and help more with what we do. I know we can get through all this and come out shining even brighter.