If you are one of those who started working in your college days or is working as well as studying, tap your back as you are doing a great job. Balancing work life and studies can be tricky. From dealing with attendance issues to exams and deadlines, you have to take care of everything, not to mention managing social gatherings and personal relations with family and friends also becomes a great deal to take care of.

However your hard work is worth it. If you are working as well as studying or thinking to start working while studying here are some tips which will help you to maintain your work and studies.

Plan ahead

Studying one night before an exam or writing assignments are due without having a proper or little understanding of the topic is the last thing you want to do. Your university work requires proper attention and understanding as well. So the solution is to prioritise things ahead.

On weekends try to schedule your priorities for the upcoming week to avoid last minute submissions and workload. Use your journal to keep track of your weekly works and submissions.

Don’t exceed your limit

When you are filled with both working pressure and exam pressure it is normal to commit to plenty of work at the same time. Understand your limit and work accordingly.

Even though you have a lot to do, prioritise your work, making short goals. Also, remember to make your study the priority and your job a source of income and a way to gain more experience.

Talk to your manager regarding any job pressure you are facing, and convince them that you are still a student who has to complete pending work from college to complete your pursuing degree.

Try to use your time wisely

As you are working you are already getting less time than other students for studying so make sure even if you are studying for a shorter time you are studying properly. Take short breaks and study to sustain more concentration. Try to use a desk and chair while studying instead of sitting on the bed.

You can also look for how to disinfect your desk to keep your surroundings clean to avoid contact with any disease or infection. Turn off your social media make some snacks enjoy your study. If you are studying effectively within the time you are getting maybe you would be able to work an extra shift if required.

The incentives and effective study would keep you stay motivated to reach your goal. Have fun with friends too, have a social life, go for a drive with friends, remember you are a student and you are already doing great, you deserve to have some fun too.

Take proper rest

You are vigorously maintaining plenty of things daily, now it is important to have proper rest days which will further keep your mental and physical health well. As long as your mental and physical health is well you will be able to handle things more fruitfully. Try to get sleep of about 7-8 hours a day, this will promote mental health, will benefit your immune system, and help you to manage your stress well.

Have meals at the right time

One often tends to skip meals because of work pressure or even exam pressure which is not good for your health. Having proper meals is necessary as that is the major source of nutrition your body is perceiving and in absence of that your body won’t be able to function properly. Continuous skipping of meals would condition your body in a way that would harm your health.

Don’t come up with a range of excuses to order pizza. The time you would devote to ordering a pizza would take the same amount of time to fry some veggies or make a little dish. There is a wide range of delicious recipes which you can make at home in no time you can search for them on YouTube and cook. This will not only keep you healthy but will also save lots of money.

Learn to say “NO”

There will be days when people from work or college will be asking you to hang out with them or attend any event. Learn to say no politely, if you are not willing to join them. Why waste time socialising with people If you don’t find them meaningful, in that way there would be very less chances of you enjoying their company, even when they are not one of your close friends or mean anything to you. Use your time wisely especially when you are packed with plenty of work.

Communicate clearly with your employer

When you are working as well as studying it is better to maintain a good relationship with your manager and be very transparent about any issues you face due to the intersection of the timing of both university and work time.

Be vigilant of your capacity. If you feel that you won’t be able to commit to any part-time job then you can look for work-from-home jobs or weekly jobs which can be suitable for you.

Socialising is also important

Researchers have shown that socialising improves your physical and mental health. Even if you are loaded with lots of responsibilities take some time out to socialise, relax with your close friends and family, and with people whose company you do enjoy. Don’t restrict yourself from socialising and worrying about the waste of time. You need to think smart to manage the amount of time you spent socialising and managing the work and study as well.

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful and they gave you a clearer picture of how to maintain both studying and working as it is quite challenging to balance both. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Embrace yourself for continuously trying to manage both of them and not giving up. Yes, you are a warrior and warriors don’t give up. Have something cheerful to cheer you on bad days. Enjoy the time you spent managing things. It’s the little things that bring immense happiness many a time.