Video marketing is all the buzz these days. But here’s the good news. You don’t have to gaze with wonder about the time and techie work that went into it. Animoto is a super easy to use solution for all your video marketing needs.

Start with their new social-friendly custom storyboard templates that set the mood and match the style of big brands on social media. You know those sharable, viral-style videos that feel like stories, not ads? Animoto has them.

  • Are you in real estate? Hook them with statistics, questions, and answers.
  • Wellness bloggers rejoice! Share facts and your expertise around a topic.
  • Travel-preneurs, use your most jaw-dropping shots paired with inspiring text.

After choosing your storyboard template, Animoto walks you through the next steps. Upload your own videos, photos, and easily add and resize custom text. Need music? They have that covered too.  Share your creation directly from the site, no downloading, converting, and uploading again hassle we know all too well.

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I know we made it sound like click click done.

But it really is that easy to create stunning, sharable, even viral videos for Facebook, Instagram and more. Once uploaded, these scroll-stopping videos will drive traffic, increase sales, and connect new people to your business.

Animoto designed their plans with YOU in mind. Gain access to all of their bells and whistles with the Business plan with high quality video, over 3,000 music tracks, over 50 storyboards and a consultation with a video expert. If you need something simpler, Animoto has that covered too.

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Try Animoto's New Social-friendly Storyboards for Your Brand

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