Hiring for the digital domain can be an exciting and challenging role in this ever evolving space.  Staff are no longer satisfied with merely a good salary or title.  Instead factors such as company culture and flexibility now hold significant weight when candidates interview for a role.

Digital Talent

As an employer searching for new, reliable staff who will contribute for the long term, how can you ensure that the candidate you choose will be the right one?  Here are a few of our top tips to promote good decision making throughout the hiring process:

Finding staff

  • Consider an ‘always hiring’ approach – Often the likelihood of an ideal candidate looking at the same time as an employer is slim, so this method broadens the pool.
  • Engage existing staff as influencers.

The interview process

  • Use a panel of interviewers – This helps to gain consensus, cover various traits and ensures a quick outcome
  • Make interviews a conversation – After all, candidates are there to interview their potential employers as much as the other way around.
  • Be transparent – Discuss what interviewees should expect to avoid disillusionment upon starting. Be up front about the value that can be added by their contribution, rather than by just using a broad job description.
  • Don’t overlook behavior based questioning – “Tell me about a time you had conflict in the workplace and how you resolved it?”. This type of questioning is a conversation starter and gives insight into the handling of specific situations.

Choosing a candidate

  • Speed – The best talent will not be available for long. Try to secure them within 2 weeks and keep them up to date throughout the process.
  • Hire for culture and intelligence – skills can often be learnt.
  • Choose a generalist – Someone who will muck in, evolve the role and your exceed expectations.

Retaining staff for the long term

  • Be flexible
  • Invest in community and culture – Hold events, provide food or offer incentives.
  • Consider employing Digital Nomadism – This is an increasing trend that allows staff to work remotely around the world. It is an effective technique for attraction and retention and a great way to access global talent.