The Great Resignation is badly affecting all hiring efforts. With a 3,6% unemployment rate in the US, more than 15 million open job listings are still waiting on LinkedIn. Why is that? 

After years of employer dominance in the labour market, the time has come for the employee-driven market. More and more often, companies report a lack of qualified employees. Problems with completing teams are especially in manufacturing companies and construction companies, but the issue is real for all of us – businessmen. This situation is caused by two main factors: competition between employers and demography.

What’s more, people are now having new, broad expectations about their employers. They demand more flexibility, more money, and more free time… Wait, are we sure that this is what they care about most? Is it the only way to attract top talents?

In this article, I will provide you with 5 tips that can help you create your dream team and hire the best ones.

Clarify your business mission

Changing a job, many people use as the final determination the company’s mission statement. Gen Z has a strong desire to be a part of meaningful work and to create valuable things, but the phenomenon is accurate to everyone. Each of us has our own rules and ways of being. A strong mission statement that people can relate to encourages talented people to get involved with the company. Mission statements allow like-minded people with similar goals to naturally work together on projects that are most important to them.

Be authentic

People tend to sense whenever things are not completely real. We then become vigilant and typically decide not to take a step in a particular direction. That’s why it’s so crucial that you don’t pretend that your business is different than it actually is. This is discouraging and puts up these little red flags. Find the strengths and values that are your assets and mention them during recruitment.

Use employee-generated content

Employees are the best at creating the real image of a company. In my own experience, whenever I see an interesting post or comment, I always check where the person is employed. Therefore, we encourage our employees to share their experiences. For now, our Head of People’s insight was featured in HRM, our Community Manager was interviewed for Authority Magazine, and our Outreach Manager contributed to SocialPilot. That’s something you probably wouldn’t think of yet, but can significantly improve your top talents attracting.

Use smaller, more accurate to your niche job boards.

With so many job offers, it takes a lot of effort to make it to the top and be noticed by valuable employees. One strategy that has brought us unexpectedly positive results is to change the sites where we publish our positions. When looking for a new employee, we try to find such a place where the individual would actually be. For example, for the marketing niche, it would be rocket jobs, and for the IT niche – It is worth taking a moment to discover such places and not waste time and nerves later because of irrelevant application

Ensure the visual side of your ad.

The text should be presented on a light background. Use standard, legible fonts. The name of the position and place of work are very important elements of the ad, so they should be clearly highlighted in the ad. However, there’s more – during our research, we found that about 95% of job seekers want employers to include a salary range in job postings on LinkedIn. So, make sure to include all required information in your ad and pay attention to its visuals side.