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Interact Quiz Maker: Attract, Segment, Convert Your Leads

Interact utilizes their expertise from working with thousands of businesses to empower their quiz maker. Choose from 800+ pre-made quiz templates already fine-tuned to attract your target audience. Personality Quizzes, Assessment Quizzes, Scored Quizzes – what do these have in common? The power to suck you in and not let go until you’re done. Discover a goldmine of information from your audience while they see your expertise in your questions and quiz answers/results.  This is what converts your quiz takers into more specific leads, subscribers and buyers. 

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The Story Behind Martin Sharp

In this inspiring episode of The Business Owners Podcast, co-host Clive Enever had a conversation with Martin Sharp, an acclaimed international consultant, coach, and author. Martin shares his remarkable transformation, shedding significant weight from his high-stress career, and emphasises the critical importance of health and fitness for business owners.

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