Author: Cavill Stone

How To Write And Send Emails People Actually Want To Read

As the general manager of Express Business Group South Australia, Chris Thomas has sent and received his fair share of emails. And unlike other industries, in the world of franchising there are two key stakeholders that take up 100% of your time: your franchisees and your customers. So how do you determine the right amount of digital communication between these two? We asked Chris to share some of his top tips and insights to help you nail your next mail out. Use the right tools. Chris’s very first piece of advice was simple, set yourself up with the right...

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How To Unleash The Power Of Networking

When you’re starting to build your own business, a critical but sometimes overlooked skill is the ability to network with those around you. It’s important that you’re able to articulate what you do well, but it’s even more important that you’re able to turn a conversation into a client and therefore start building your network. Express Lawn Mowing franchisee Malcolm McKenzie has been in the corporate world for over 16 years and understands the importance of networking and connecting with local businesses. In fact, he attributes the success of his lawn mowing business to his membership and commitment to...

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Let Yourself Switch Off And Watch Your Business Thrive

It goes without saying that running a business is hard work in its own right. So when you add in raising a family, finding time to spend with loved ones, trying to keep fit and healthy and all those other unpredictable tasks that life throws at you, things can get a bit hectic. In today’s world, where we are heavily reliant on technology for so many things it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re browsing on your iPhone or laptop. Whether you use your phone for social media, emails or keeping up to date with news and...

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