Author: Colin D. Ellis

Transformation Starts With You

Every time I started a new job, I did three things: I reviewed how I’d grown as a person during my last job, specifically what new knowledge and skills I’d gained I reviewed any feedback that I’d received on my behaviours and also thought about the times I wasn’t being the best version of myself I looked at the different things I’d tried in building teams and wrote down what had worked and what hadn’t (and why). Once I’d done those three things and made some notes about what I would change in my new job, I did a...

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If you want to hit targets – start building trust

‘The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.’ – Groucho Marx Of course, it’s very hard to do that all the time, trust me, I’ve tried! What makes you trust the statement above? Was it because I asked you to trust me? Or maybe you’ve met me!? Trust is a word we use a lot and for most of us it’s a core value that we uphold in our personal and working lives. In an Atlassian survey released last week on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on teamwork, the...

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Are your projects doing the right thing by your customers?

It’s no longer enough to delivery a product or service – we have to deliver an ‘experience’ (and that includes projects) ‘Experience management’ is a key term and ideology in business today, and effectively refers to the experience that customers receive when doing business with you. Experience design (creating the experience) focuses on the entire process, starting with the very first interaction or encounter (whether in person or digitally), rather than simply basing success on satisfaction of the end product or result. This concept is now being embraced by the project management industry. Project teams are concentrating on ensuring...

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Why you need 4 types of office environments to boost productivity

There’s more than beanbags and pingpong tables required to building a productive office environment where everyone can do their best work. There is little debate that the ideal office environment is one that promotes the most productivity, but at the same time there’s also little insight into how exactly to achieve it. From working with organisations of all shapes and sizes I know that great work cultures are a mix of introverts and extroverts. Great leaders know that different environments are required for each of those individuals to flourish. Unfortunately, the reality is that most organisations only provide two...

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Five ways to make every project successful

The Australian small business sector is feeling the squeeze as it navigates the dual challenges of competing in a multi-channel, global marketplace,  while meeting the demand for localised, bespoke customer experiences. In addition, consumers are showing hesitancy in their purchasing decisions, while regulators expand their purview. Being able to do more with less, being able to adapt, evolve and respond to market challenges with a constant focus on customer experience management has never been more important. Innovation requires leadership but also creativity – it needs a culture where people can do their best work and set the standard for...

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