Author: Fiona Adler

Why you need an Action List (not just a To-Do List)

There are thousands of apps, planners and methods for managing to-do lists. I’m sure I’ve tried hundreds of them! But have you noticed that finding new ways to manage to-do lists doesn’t seem to be actually helping us? We’re still drowning in things that need our attention, we’re still busier than ever, and often, we’re still not getting the important things done. It’s incredibly frustrating to work hard all day and end up with a to-do list that’s longer than when you started! Why To-Do Lists Don’t Work What we’re missing here is that a to-do list is not...

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5 Keys to Managing a High Performance Team

Team performance is often what makes or breaks a business – especially a small business or startup. Often managers can be so focused on the mechanics of the business, but we forget that the people behind it are what’s driving everything. More importantly, the performance of your team has a huge impact on your enjoyment of work. When everyone feels as though they’re making progress towards something important and worthwhile, it creates an enormous sense of satisfaction and pleasure in work – both for your team members, and for you. As a team manager, chances are you want to maximize...

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Define a Powerful Vision for Your Business (free template)

You might think that vision statements* are only for large corporates, or alternatively, if you’re someone with strong planning tendencies, you might think that you need a fully drafted vision statement before you can open the doors. But as usual, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. If you’ve been in business for a while, there’s no doubt that you’ll benefit from a strong and clear description of your vision. But don’t worry, there’s no need to hire a team of consultants! A vision statement can be incredibly powerful because; A strong vision statement gives YOU clarity By framing your business,...

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The Best Two Interview Questions

I’ve interviewed and recruited quite a lot of people over the years and with time, I’ve found that there are really two best job interview questions that shed the most light on candidates and help choose the best person for the job. During an interview, obviously you’ll do a run through the candidate’s resume to get an understanding of their work history, ask them about themselves, ask about their interest (and knowledge) in this position and your business, but in addition to this, there are two powerful questions that really get to the heart of what you’re trying to figure...

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How a Mastermind Group can transform your business (and you)

One of the best things I did to develop my business and also grow as a person, was being part of a fantastic mastermind group. If you haven’t already tried it, I’d highly recommend you make this a priority. In my case, our mastermind group took the form of 4 women, each with various types of online businesses (non-competing but with some similarities), who met in person once a month. Over the course of many years, the format changed and the focus shifted, as our businesses grew and our needs changed. But each meeting always managed to deliver enormous...

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