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Why Sleep may be more important than you think (and how to get it easily)

It’s something most of us will claim we’re not getting enough of even though we all know how important it is for our general wellbeing. Sleep is like that tiresome, elusive, relentless flirt for a lot of us – no matter how hard we chase her, she always seems to slip through our fingers! The imperativeness of sleep has been well documented and has also being touched upon by prominent religious sages. An adequate amount of sleep helps to protect our hearts, kidneys and brain from long-term damage and much more. Few would be able to disagree with how...

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Why Your Health is your Competitive Edge

All too often, it’s easy to get lost in the common business day mini epidemics centred around the usual accounts, HR, unsatisfied customers, late orders and so much more issues we’re all faced with. Most entrepreneurs like us are also are all too aware of the trials and tribulations of trying to get our businesses off the ground no doubt. However, what many of us busy budding successful business people tend to overlook or put on the back burner for another day when we have more time (right! When was the last time that happened?) is our health. What...

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