Author: Naguib Ihab

The fear of failure and how that affects your startup

I never hit anyone before, and I’ve never been hit… Taking a punch to the face hurts, but it also makes you stronger. My worst enemy at Muay-Thai is the fear of getting hit. If I’m afraid I’ll fail; it’s as simple as that, and it goes for every aspect of our lives. If you’re afraid to fail at work you’ll never succeed, if you’re afraid to make mistakes, you’ll always be limited. As human beings our priority is to survive, our body, our instincts force us to think about survival, we always see the safest option. In a way...

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Should you Bluff or Fold? 6 Tips for Revamping your App

It’s 10:30 pm on a Thursday as I’m writing this and I’m stuck at Helensburgh train station for an hour because I didn’t plan exactly how I’d get back to Sutherland. To make matters worse, the air is thick with flying cockroaches and I’m hoping I don’t panic and throw the laptop away if one of them lands in my lap. It’s got me thinking about the benefits of planning ahead and how a lot of us fail to use foresight when developing our first application. We tend not to think that far ahead even though we are trying...

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How to lower the cost of your application

Arriving at a final price for the development of software is not as simple as it sounds. Developing and creating software is a dynamic process that must be embarked upon before knowing all the answers, even though some of those answers would help with costing. When you build a house, you are given a rough estimate of the cost and the time it will take to build because variables such as building materials, location etc are known. However, when you develop software, both the developer and client need to remain flexible because the process inherently contains many unknowns. Throughout...

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Why is it called a BUG?

I tend to think out loud when I program. My long suffering wife calls this ‘arguing with my ghosts’. A while back, my wife was sitting peacefully on the couch watching television while I sat beside her testing a mobile app. Suddenly I yelled, “I found a bug!” “Where?” screamed my startled wife, her eyes darting everywhere searching for an actual creepy crawly. It’s been years since then and she’s gotten used to my ghosts but at the time I had to explain to her why a glitch was called a bug. The answer is quite interesting and rooted...

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How to avoid online scams (phishing links and emails)

Not so long ago, a friend of mine was scammed by entering his online banking credentials in what seemed to be his bank’s usual login screen. The website used the same colors, same design, same logo, same everything. He lost about $6,000 in that scam. It’s what the internet calls a phishing scam. Why is it called phishing? It’s just an alternate spelling of “fishing”–which is an apt description of the process. You cast out thousands of spam emails, hoping to catch just a few victims. The spelling of the name may have been inspired by the term “phreaking”,...

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