Author: Rebecca Bigg

Best First Impressions and Branding

That’s what we’re all told right? But what if the Cover is all we are given to base our decisions on? For most small businesses, how clients view us is often determined by outward appearances and first impressions, things that jump out at them at first glance or first encounter. Traditionally, this would be ultimate personal grooming, flashy suits, shiny heels and pleated skirts with a dash of red lippy combined with impeccable manners, enunciation and polite conversation.  It was mortifying to have to go to that afternoon appointment with gravy on your tie or a ladder in your...

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It’s Simply Business in the Cloud

Reading through some online articles this morning really had me shaking my head a little at the confusion over the concept of a cloud-based practice, and what operating within the cloud ecosystem entails. The cloud systems we use in our firms are essentially the tools of our trade.  They are tools to be used to streamline processes, and save time and headache through automation.  They should be used to increase the efficiencies in our practices, and also within our client’s businesses. What these systems are not, are complete solutions for our, or our clients, businesses. NO Business should rely...

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Contractors vs Employees – What you need to Know

Recent years have seen a shift in the way that people work, with a rise in the number of people hiring themselves out as contractors and freelancers. Whilst there are obvious benefits and drawbacks for both employees and contractors, there are also legal implications to consider. Possessing an ABN and issuing invoices does not a contractor necessarily make!  It’s important when hiring a contractor that you consider your obligations towards them regarding superannuation and PAYGW. Partly because of the attraction of (seemingly) not having to pay a contractor’s tax, super, sick leave, annual leave, Workcover, etc.,  a contractor is...

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