Author: Sarah Cordiner

17 Ways To Cultivate a Learning Culture in Your Organisation

Strategy cannot always ensure success. The learning culture of an organisation can be easily overthrown by even the most formidable learning and development departments.  Creating sustainable organisational change means having a strong and effective culture around learning and development.   But when bureaucracy is expanding, and change is slow – particularly within large organisations – how can we create highly effective learning cultures in today’s modern business world? In this article organisational education strategist Sarah Cordiner presents 17 ways of cultivating a highly successful learning culture for any organisation. 1.     Take professional development seriously. Create formal professional development plans for...

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4 Ways To Overcome The Overwhelm of Online Course Creation

Whether it’s the first course you’ve created online, or your 1000th, there’s nothing quite like creating something that has the potential for millions of people to access and benefit from. Despite the excitement of this prospect, it can also incite fear and overwhelm into a course creator and freeze them in their tracks.  So much to learn, so much to do, so much to connect together and so many course creation mojo-killing thoughts whizzing around their heads and making it all seem like just a little bit too much. In this article, Edupreneur of 11 years, Sarah Cordiner, will...

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The Biggest Barriers To Organisational e-Learning

Why are so many businesses not yet benefiting from organisational e-learning? Even though e-Learning has been around for over 20 years, you’d be amazed at how little it is yet being used in organisations for employee training and development. E-Learning doesn’t always suit every learning and development situation, but in a world where employees expect career progression opportunities and are ever more dependant on technology as their source of information; businesses who are not using it at all are severely falling behind. I wanted to find out why so many organisations are yet to implement e-Learning as part of...

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How To Enhance and Inform Your Training Plans Using Accredited Frameworks

Use what’s already freely available to help you create quality learning experiences We’ve all heard of the old saying ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’, yet many educators and course designers still put themselves under the pressure of tackling their curriculum design stage with a completely blank page, when they could be tapping into an abundance of freely available resources to inform and enhance their own unique training design. This article is about how to make the most of what’s already been done for us and is readily available in the accredited training frameworks to support high quality curriculum design. Many...

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The Three Major Impacts That ‘Environment’ Can Have on Adult Learning Programs

All adult learning, even self-directed learning, rarely occurs “in splendid isolation from the world in which the learner lives; it is intimately related to that world and affected by it”. (Jarvis, 1987). Adult learning does not occur in a vacuum. What we need or want to learn, the opportunities that are available and the manner in which we learn, are all largely determined by the societal influences under which we live. This could be as micro as the ‘society’ of the classroom that the training is being conducted in, to as macro as where we feel our position is...

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