Author: Sean Rooney

Why your email marketing campaigns aren’t working

People send almost 300 billion emails each day. This means that the audience for email marketing is massive. Email marketing has evolved over the last few years, and strategies that produced results four years ago have become obsolete. If your email marketing strategies aren’t working you may be making some fundamental mistakes. Here are five ways you can ensure your email marketing campaigns are high-converting and effective. 

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What is remarketing?

Reducing the overall marketing budget is the dream of every business owner. One of the ways that you can reduce your marketing budget is by targeting people who have already visited your website. If past visitors see your products in the form of an advertisement, they are likely to click on them. This process is called remarketing, and it is supposed to increase your conversion rates.

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How to get more leads through Pay Per Click

Getting more customers is the primary objective of any business owner. If the business relies on existing clients only, it won’t survive for long. A regular stream of new clients ensures that the business can replace inactive customers. While there are many ways to acquire new leads, pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most popular. This article will explain PPC lead generation, and how you can acquire more quality leads by leveraging the power of PPC.

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