Author: Sonia Gibson


In the business world, we’re moving out of a period in which we embraced that behind every successful man is a great woman, there’s no more hiding in the background. As a result, we’re seeing transformations taking place in the workplace and a variety of leadership styles that we know well, redone with a feminine touch.

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The intricacies of business funding: thoughts from a seasoned accountant

No one likes to talk about money when it comes to starting a business, but it’s the elephant in the room because you need money to make money. Finding investors is one approach, while others need to apply for a business loan. Funding your business is like putting the right kind of fertiliser around a tree when you plant it, it builds strength and resilience so that the first obstacle doesn’t defeat the business. With uncertainty in business in the wake of COVID and the subsequent lockdowns, having sturdy financial backing is even more important than ever before. 

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