Author: Suzi Chen

How to Manage Late Payments

Cash flow is critical to any business and for small businesses, managing cash flow can be particularly difficult. Most small business owners will agree that managing cash flow is the number 1 concern that keeps them awake at night. While many factors can affect a business’ cash flow, it is almost impossible to find a business whose cash flow has not been impacted negatively by late payments. Apparently, this is a global problem. In its Late Payment Report 2016, the UK finance company MaketInvoice stated that globally, 72.5 per cent of invoices are paid late. Even more interestingly, Australian...

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Brand Building with Good Story-Telling

Story-telling is an age-old tradition in our human history. For generations, our ancestors shared their learnings and passed on cultural beliefs, traditions and practices through story-telling. In modern times, businesses have also recognised story-telling as a powerful tool in building customer loyalty and brand followings. From books to films to blog posts to keynote speeches, thousands of stories get told every day. But not all stories are created equal. So what is a good story? What can we do to tell a good story? Story-telling with a purpose A good story has a clear message that it wishes to...

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Increase Your Media Exposure and Make Your Business News Worthy

Media exposure is critical to business success. Not only as a promotional opportunity, doing it right, media exposure can elevate business profile and even establish business credibility and authority. From posting on social media channels to participating in a trade event, there are many ways to gain media exposure. Media release, however, still remains the key to unlock the door to many news agencies and to gain publicity opportunities such as an interview on TV or being published in major news outlets. To have a strong media release is to tell a good story. How well we tell our...

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Is your stress re-structuring your brain?

What does an annoying acquaintance and a shark have in common? Nothing really, except that they both showed up in my dream a few nights ago. If you are into reading dreams, you probably would say subconsciously I wanted the shark to eat up this acquaintance given that I find him rather annoying. Or we could take a less bloody line of thought and believe that it was just my brain doing some mumble jumble thing at random. I get this kind of random thoughts a lot and usually it happens in early morning when I am half awake....

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Say no to idea assassins

In 1989, Graeme Joy with 2 other leaders led an international team embarking on an expedition to the North Pole. Graeme Joy became the first and only Australian to ski to the North Pole. Needless to say, the artic expedition was a volatile and risky affair; as an effective leader, Graeme relied on his team heavily on this journey. In fact, Graeme depended on his team’s creativity to overcome many unpredictable challenges during the trip. It was a time when having “idea assassins” on your team could be detrimental. There are a lot of similarities between Graeme’s adventure and...

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