Author: Leonie Fitzgerald

12 tips to help you be more productive at work

There are thousands of productivity apps and tools on the market promising to help you increase your performance, but sometimes all it takes to improve your focus is a few quick changes to your work habits and your environment. Want to get more accomplished at work? Here are 12 simple, low-tech tips for boosting your productivity: Streamline your space Before you do anything else, take a few moments at the start of each day to organise and de-clutter your workspace. Having a clutter-free environment helps you think more clearly and produce better results. By cleaning up and organising your...

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8 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Few things can brighten up a winter day like a tax refund. While we are only human and most of us want to splurge with our tax refund, careful money management for the majority of your refund is a very smart financial move. Here are 8 smart ways to use this year’s tax refund: Pay Existing Debt The average interest rate on new credit cards is just over 13%; many credit cards charge even higher rates. Paying bits off your credit card will be one of the smartest money moves you make for your tax refund. Paying other debt, like...

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