Blogging is part of marketing life now, and in days gone by blogging for business was something only the big guys did. But now in the digital world blogging as a marketing tool is now in reach of all small businesses.

In the Blogging for Business eCourse, we will look at blogging as part of your marketing strategy, ideas, what should be in a blog, how to’s and more.

What we will cover in Blogging for Business:

Getting Started:

  • Welcome to Blogging for Business
  • What is a Business Blog
  • The Platforms
  • What’s in a Blog
  • Is Blogging Right for Your Business
  • The Blogging for Business Toolkit

Your Own Business Blog:

  • Blog to Educate and Empower Your Market
  • How often should you Blog-
  • What to Blog On
  • The Big List of Blog Post Ideas

 Guest Blogging:

  • Guest Blogging for Business
  • Finding Places to Guest Blog
  • What to look for as an author when Guest Posting
  • Tips for being a great Guest Author

The Blog Post Itsself:

  • Behind a Blog Post
  • Finding Images to use on your Blog
  • Using and Creating Images
  • Make sure your readers can comment on your blog posts
  • Is your blog post shareable?
  • Adding Video to Your Blog Posts
  • Before you hit publish
  • The Blogging for Business Checklist

Sharing and Marketing:

  • Driving Traffic to your Blog
  • Places you can share your blog after you hit publish
  • How to share your blog posts with your email list
  • RSS Campaigns with Mailchimp
  • How to Create a year’s worth Social Media Posts
  • Using RSS Feeds to share your Posts to Social Media
  • Share your latest post in your email Signature

Re-purposing Content:

  • 12 Ways you can repurpose your blog posts
  • Turn your blog posts into Videos easily

Join me and let's get Blogging for Business

What others are saying about my courses:

A fantastic resource, jam-packed with content

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this but I’m genuinely impressed with the range of topics covered. There’s everything from PR to social media and so on – what’s really impressive is how well covered each topic area is. You don’t just get an outline of what each is but you’re given easy to follow demonstrations that help you to run through the various tools used. I also really love the handy tipsheets. I’m sure I’ll be visiting this course again and again in time.


A quick and easy to consume course. Thanks Linda!


I LOVED the course – Linda packed so much juicy info into her videos and the framework file provided was fantastic too


I loved this course which provided me with enough information to get my head around press releases and PR. All the Chapters were short and to the point and easy to fit into my day.


Join me and let's get Blogging for Business