End-of-year (EOY) events are the most talked about and anticipated event of the year, especially the well-designed ones that leave guests reminiscing for weeks. Whether big or small, if you’re a business owner, you are well advised to plan an end-of year event that will exceed your employees’ expectations – after all, they deserve to be rewarded and celebrated.

EOY events are trendy and businesses seem to be allocating more and more funds annually to these specific types of events. CEOs and directors have a need to celebrate company milestones and achievements. These events can be used as pretext to underline overall company productivity.

Truth is, EOY events do a lot more for a company than simply celebrate success. Many businesses are seeing the benefits of having an EOY event. It is all about properly rewarding the employees, but in many ways, it is also a whole lot more…

“Setting the Tone for the Upcoming Year”

 EOY events can help build meaningful and lasting relationships between employees within the company. They provide an ideal environment for employees to interact, engage and share memorable experiences together. Live entertainment, endless champagne and delicious canapés are part of the winning recipe to forging those special memories.

EOY events can be used to reinforce brand and company values. Transparency, trust and company loyalty are part of the crucial mix that most businesses will value and put fourth. This can have positive impact on company productivity as employees are reminded why they chose to work for a particular company in the first place.

 “ Creating a Better Outlook”

The EOY events generally arrive at the perfect time of year where employees and general staff are in need of a little extra boost in morale.

Employees who are rewarded and celebrated will have a better outlook and attitude towards their work environment.


“Organising and Executing an EOY Event”

When it comes to planning an EOY event, you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you leave a lasting impression. Unfortunately, many businesses leave the event planning to their employees who are burdened with the planning and executing the EOY event from scratch. This means that the planning can entirely be up to a small group or singular employee that may not have the required experience to execute an event of that size. 

 Let’s not forget that most employees are already handling a hefty workload and that the EOY event may be the last item on their task list.

A lack of planning can produce an entirely different set of outcomes than anticipated…

“Planning Ahead of Time

From celebrating company milestones, business success and employee achievements, planning an end-of-year event has become a crucial mean to underlying growth and an excellent way to ensure ongoing company productivity in the upcoming year.

 It might be wise to commence the planning of your EOY event as early as possible; some may even say 12 months in advance. As we all know, the best locations, venues and live entertainment always get booked out first. 

“Demonstrating Brand Personality”

Imagine finding yourself in the perfect venue or location for your event, one that speaks your brand and allows its personality to shine through. This is may be the reason why many businesses go through an experiential agency who are specialised in the planning of EOY events. Only event specialists know the best venues, have the connections to the city’s best entertainment spaces and know the loopholes to getting the best deals for corporate events.

“Assembling the Pieces of the Puzzle” 

Let’s face it; the event planning industry is full of twists and turns. There will always be little or big surprises along the way and they might not always seem pleasant. EOY events are also filled with multiple and tedious elements that require assembling and perhaps should only be pieced together by an event specialist.