WordPress is known for not always being the easiest platform to build your website on, but it is one of the best, particularly when it comes to SEO and other forms of marketing. There are many small business owners who prefer to build their own website, and WP Engine helps to make the process easier, with a better looking and performing website once finished. 

What is WP Engine? 

WP Engine isn’t WordPress but it is one of the leading digital experience platforms on WordPress. The platform gives you the tools you need to create great looking websites and apps on WordPress that work better. 

There are four main components of WP Engine:

  • Site building & management
  • Open source flexibility
  • Site speed, scale and security 
  • Site analytics

Site Building and Management

Building a website that will draw in your customers and gain you more business is important, and WP Engine has a host of features to help including:

  • Auto Migration, moving your website to WP Engine with a few clicks
  • StudioPress themes offering mobile-responsive themes with built-in SEP and security 
  • Automated backups so you don’t lose your work
  • Dev environments that give you an isolated space to develop and test new websites
  • A range of WordPress plug-ins that help you personalise experience and functionality 

Open Source & Flexibility

The open source ability in WP Engine really helps you develop a website that is an experience.Being able to utilise WordPress’ open framework in conjunction with the integrated platform from WP Engine gives you the ability to create websites that draw people in.  Features include:

  • Access to thousands of WordPress plugins to give you solutions for ecommerce, design, security and more
  • Access to partnerships with businesses like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and more. 

Site Speed, Scale and Security

Having a website that is secure is extremely important. You also need to ensure that the speed of your website is suitable (people looking at your website will click away if it takes too long to load), as well as being able to scale up as and when you need it.

  • Increased speed where WP Engine users see 38% faster load times on average
  • Scalable so that your website can manage traffic spikes seamlessly
  • Threat detection and blocking that assists to detect and block malicious behaviour ensuring your site isn’t hacked

Site Analytics 

  • Application performance allows you to view your website at code-level so that you can troubleshoot application issues 
  • Page performance gives you the ability to integrate a speed performance tool to see what the impacts of plugins and site features are on your website

What About Google Rankings?

WP Engine assists to get you further up the Google rankings through the Core Web Vitals which are specific factors that Google considers when looking at the overall user experience of a website. Largest Contentful Paint scores is one factor used when Google is measuring the rankings. This score is based on the speed and user interaction on your website. Of course, a faster website can help you increase these scores and in turn, increase your Google rank. 

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Get your website onto a managed hosted website and get your business seen as your rankings increase. 

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