As employers it is important we nurture our employees like we would our own children.  It was not until my children reached the same age as the young people I had been hiring for many years, did I understand the full extent of what that meant and the importance of our role as a leader.

When my children went out into the workforce for the first time, I hoped they would be taught good work skills, have a safe working environment, be pulled into line when they needed to be.  I wanted them to continue learning respect as well as give respect.  I wanted them to understand if they worked hard the rewards would eventually come their way, if they had a great leader, they would develop into the best version of themselves.

We have a role with our staff to continue the role already laid down by the grandparents, parents, teachers, and coaches, giving them life skills to carry throughout their life.

Our focus needs to be on our business and staff are our biggest asset.  Looking after them makes perfect sense.  When you have trust and respect with your staff, they will protect and work on your business like it is their own.  It will free you up to concentrate on other important duties that come with having a successful business.

So here are 3 ways you can do this:

  1. Become the best Leader you can be

You need to ensure you have focus on the job on hand.  A great leader must have courage and self-control in every situation.

You need to ensure that you are always leading by example, do not expect your staff to do something you are not prepared to do yourself.

You must display a mastery of detail, care about the little things, show them that every action matters.

Make decisions and then stick to them and follow them through.

Have your own self-discipline, arrive on time, wear the correct dress code, dig in when something needs to be done.

You must be sympathetic, empathetic, and understanding to their concerns or what is happening in their life.

Be seen to solve any problems at work they have, and if you do not know how then show that you are trying and never quit.

  1. Teamwork

Show them that to be a great team member they need to be dependable.  They need to help others on their team, even if at times that means doing something that is not their job.

They must be disciplined to follow all the rules that the team set up.  As well as prepared to add any extra value they can.

Help encourage their enthusiasm, by displaying it yourself, praise them often.

Have great communication, make sure that everyone in the team feels a part of the team and that they know what is going on.

Make sure only positivity is allowed within the group.  Stamp out any Negative Nancy’s as soon as they rear their ugly heads.

Most of all show them you are just as committed to the team as they are.

  1. Build More Trust

The best way to show your staff you are trustworthy is by being authentic to who you are.  We are not perfect, and they do not expect you to be, admit when you are wrong and always be real.

Give them the respect they deserve, treat them like they belong, and you know they are important, do not lead from above, lead alongside.

Show them loyalty, make sure you have their back, discipline in private, praise in public.  Make sure that if you make a promise or a commitment you keep it.

Confront issues as they arise, do not leave them to fester so they build up anxiety amongst them.

Most of all show them you know what you are talking about, by delivering results and help them see they can too.

Knowing we play a role in how our employees turn out and how they will view the workplace in the future has certainly given me clarity that every action I have with them needs to come from the right place and it should not be taken lightly.

When I started out as a young twenty-seven-year-old walking into my business, I tried my best, if I could go back today with all the knowledge I have now, some of those great staff who worked for me would be even greater.

Being able to make this difference in their lives, I know I am doing what it is that I was put here on earth for.