Generally, most of us believe that if we think positively, we will attract positive experiences. The opposite can be said for thinking negatively as this usually attracts negative experiences.

This phenomenon is known as the flow of attraction. It is a simple method that people across the globe adopting self-help practices use in all aspects of their lives. So, it makes sense that this approach also translates into the world of business ownership. 

The flow of attraction is a very powerful and interesting concept. It is the key to helping you succeed on your business journey. Getting your business and mind into a state of positive flow will help your business grow, make you more money and help you achieve more success.

If done right, success will find you rather than you always on the hunt for it.

Here are seven laws to living a life in flow to help you on the road to business success.

Know what you want

Knowing what you want is important. Interestingly, many people struggle with this because they focus on a million different things at one time. There are so many business owners who want to achieve everything now. And yet they end up focussing on nothing and, in turn, achieve nothing. They end up being busy achieving nothing. Sound familiar?

With that it is important to focus on one goal, exclusively, and think about it, exclusively. The results will speak for themselves.

Detach yourself from the outcome

If you lower the importance of the outcome, whether it’s sales, or that elusive ‘deal’, you can lower the importance and become unattached from it. This energetic shift is especially challenging in moments of survival because our senses tell our body that it is not the time to feel great, to feel abundant or to feel confident.

How do you change it? Start with gratitude.

Remember that what you think about expands, so keep only those things that you want in your life in the small playing field of your mind. Focus on the process, lower the importance of the outcome and realise that it’s a result of a series of actions and thoughts. Focus on these and the result will find you.

Live like it has already happened

A lot of people trip themselves up with this, but to be successful you need to live your life as if what you wish for has already happened. Think about how would you feel, how would you walk, how would you breathe, how would you carry yourself? Live, like it has already happened.

A young entrepreneur I have worked with for years, struggled with this. He was gunning to be a big shot. He kept looking at his circumstances and realising that his dream and visualisation did not match the physical reality. This led him to feel and live in a way that didn’t match where he wanted to go. Just a slight tweak and he was back on track.

You are in the driving seat so can change the direction if you live like it has already happened.

Celebrate every outcome

We only seem to be happy and excited and grateful if things are going our way. The truth of the matter is that everything is not always going to go your way. Obstacles will spring up, but we have to learn to celebrate every outcome, including the negative ones.

An elite football player was struggling to score goals for their team. To them everything seemed negative and impossible. We spoke in depth about flipping events and celebrating every and all outcomes. As a result, they started to experience more things going their way and ultimately it led to their best season and a bunch of individual records.

So don’t be hard on yourself, it’s time to celebrate every outcome no matter how big or small. It all matters.

Live in a state of gratitude

Gratitude is important on an energetic level. Let me explain.

Gratitude means that things have already happened. Let’s say you want to achieve a certain goal, if you can become to feel grateful for already having that goal, the chemical reaction within your body will make it believe it has in fact already actualised, thus creating a need for it to bring it to life.

Unfortunately, many people struggle with the concept of gratitude because they are like a greyhound chasing the rabbit. They never have enough and believe that when they get to the rabbit, they’ll be happy, fulfilled and accomplished. Don’t focus on what is missing, focus on your abundance. Focus on what you already have. What we think about expands into what we become. We need to constantly think about it.

And as you focus on what you already have, the abundance and success that already is the fire in your belly will grow. It’s at this point you need to bring gratitude with you in all you do.

Surrender the need to know.

Let go of how it’s going to happen. Trust yourself. Success in business, life or sport is all a matter of faith, trust and belief. So, why not surrender? Surrender the need to know and let it happen.

Does this mean, sit on the couch, and watch Netflix all day? No. What we are referring to here is the way we go about our work.

Do what you must and enjoy the process, put great energy behind it and allow it to happen. Trust that everything is a reaction. What you put in must come back out somewhere. The key thing is to let go. You don’t need to know how, stop control-freaking every single detail and don’t stress about it all once it’s done.

Set your intention and let it happen. Believe in yourself.

Let go of any doubt

Doubt is something that has been conditioned into every single person from a very young age. It is ingrained in our subconscious mind making it very much a habit. When you dive deep into doubt, it is US that injects doubt into the thought process of either creating a desire, setting a goal or committing to something.

Once we remove all doubt, we suspend ourselves from adding doubt (which by the way, is an ego driven emotion). We then ultimately remove the internal resistance to our goals and dreams, and they must actualise. If you want to take your business to the next level then apply these laws to your business life for 30 days and watch your business grow. You will be amazed at what starts to come into your life.

So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to get out there and start attracting the business success you deserve? Let the flow begin.