When Facebook first came along, almost everyone started getting excited at the same time. Every business realized the potential of the platform, and almost overnight social media marketing was born.


However, while social media marketing is more important than ever, fewer businesses than before actively pursue new marketing niches as hastily as they used to. Fewer businesses, for example, use Twitter as well as Facebook, and even fewer businesses also use platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Social Media Burn Out

The reason why businesses are slower to jump on board newer social media platforms is simple. Social media itself has simply got too big too quickly. Moreover, while almost every businesses realizes the benefits of social media marketing, not everyone can spend all day every day just managing tens of different social media accounts.

Why Businesses Should be Jumping Aboard Instagram Stories

Are you feeling overwhelmed by social media? If so, the answer might actually be more social media. Moreover, this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Earlier this year, Instagram, the ever popular photo and video sharing platform, released its Instagram Stories update. Moreover, what Instagram Stories allows users to do, is update chronological sequences of photos and videos throughout the day, before automatically deleting these 24 hours later.

Instagram Stories Benefits

The benefits of Instagram Stories are simple. The feature allows you to give your social media followers a live peek behind the scenes of your business. Even better, because the feature is still relatively new, there is lots of scope for even businesses which are new to social media marketing to start making waves using Instagram Stories.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Because every day you will get to release content before replacing it with completely new content, you get to see what kind of content really enthuses your audience.

Are you ready to start using Instagram to optimize your overall social media marketing? If so, make sure to start using Instagram stories today. Just remember to keep your approach consistent, whilst also using a planned trial and error approach to see what works and what doesn’t.