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3 Tools to Help Schedule Your Clients

Whether you are running a course, or simply need a calendar to book in meetings and appointments with clients, having a tool that sits directly on your website make the process a lot easier – clients can book in with you directly at any time of the day or night, you get notification of their booking, and reminders are automatically sent out. 

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Grammarly Gives a Second Pair of Eyes

Clear and mistake-free documents and content are important for anyone, whether you run a small business, write documents and emails for a large business or are a student. The problem is, most of us read our documents and content so many times that we know what it’s meant to say and we often skip mistakes because we just don’t see them, Grammarly changes this.

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Forgot Your Password? LastPass Remembers

How many passwords do you have? How many times do you reset those passwords because you have forgotten them? Unsurprisingly it is common, and plenty of people spend far too much time resetting passwords over and over. LastPass is a secure password manager that saves, stores and organises all your login and password details into an encrypted vault. You can log in from any device as long as you remember your master login details.

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Forget your passwords – Meet LastPass

There are so many passwords we have to keep as business owners and we all know that using the same one just isn’t safe. But HOW do you keep track of all the passwords? Definitely not in your head.

With LastPass you can protect, yet still readily access every password in your business. Every password is an entryway to your business, and LastPass makes it easy to secure them all. It has been a tool that has been in our toolkit for almost nine years now.

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Know WhoKnows Who – Know more about Leads and Candidates

WhoKnows is all about connecting people and skills, with a focus on recruitment, leads, team building and networking. WhoKnows, creates the most accurate, dynamic and up-to-date profile of employee expertise, skills (including soft skills), and work history. This empowers real-time connections for smarter faster problem solving and enhanced collaboration and innovation.

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