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Meet Small Business Skills Summit Presenter Melinda Samson, she will share Google Adwords Insights with you

In the digital age, Google Ads is one of those essential skills business owners are looking to master in order to deliver leads and sales.

Now Google ads consultant, speaker and trainer Melinda Samson is set to share her expertise at the Small Business Skills Summit 2019. This August, Melinda will share the tips and tricks she has acquired during more than a decade specialising in Google Ads when she presents her seminar on the ‘9 Common and Costly Google Ads Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)’.

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Meet Skills Summit Presenter: Jess Riches who will show you how she makes Facebook Ads Easy

Facebook ads may seem complicated but according to co founder and lead ad strategist of social media agency Enriches Business, Jess Riches, business owners have access to the same tools and resources as the really big players. 

Now she will share where to find those tools and how to use them to get the best effect when she presents at the Small Business Skills Summit 2019. 

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Meet Jay Crisp-Crow an Award winning copywriter to share the secrets of copy that converts at the Small Business Skills Summit 2019

Jay Crisp-Crow has built a career on writing words that sell, and now the talented copywriter is set to share all her secret skills at the Small Business Skills Summit 2019.

As an award-winning copywriter, Jay notes many business owners worry conversion copywriting is not for them or their audience.

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Meet Megan form MeetEgdar she will delve deep into Social Media content at the Small Business Skills Summit this August

Social media might be a business necessity but it doesn’t have to be hard, nor does it need to be time consuming as Megan McMullin of Meet Edgar will explain at the Small Business Skills Summit this August.

 As a guest presenter, Megan notes that she is looking forward to sharing all the tricks and tips on how business owners can amplify their message across social media platforms in her presentation on the ‘Evergreen Side of Social Media Marketing’. 

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Meet Liz Jarvis – Not your average Accountant Liz will help you make Better Business Decisions

All business decisions are better when they’re backed up by appropriate numbers – but what numbers, and how do you know whether those numbers are meaningful, or whether they’re right or wrong?
Chartered accountant, Liz Jarvis will be on hand to assist with insight into the numbers that matter when she presents at the Small Business Skills Summit this August.

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Meet Steven Brown, Steven will show you avoid Legal Minefields at this years Summit!

The business journey might be one of excitement where the ultimate goal is success, but as a business lawyer Steven Brown of Etienne Lawyers notes, it’s also a voyage laden with hidden legal traps and legislative minefields.

Steven will help business owners navigate this legal minefield when he shares his years of legal expertise at the Small Business Skills Summit this August during a presentation that looks at ‘Making a legal map for your business’.

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