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Yahoo and Google Are Changing How Business Emails Work

If you send newsletters for your business, the protocols surrounding verification are changing. Yahoo and Google are introducing new measures that mean for anyone sending 5,000 emails to people combined across Gmail and Yahoo will now need to have an authenticated email domain. Make sure you’re ready to avoid ending up in the spam box!

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Promoting Company Culture Through Improved Internal Communications

The best way you can improve company culture and morale is to find a way to improve communication within — whether it be within departments, between different departments, from company leaders to production employees, and with customers and clients. This is especially important as more workplaces accept and adopt remote or hybrid environments.

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Top tips for creating a confident cover letter when you’re applying for a more senior role

Do you have your eye on a senior role and are wondering what it takes to make your application stand out? Applying for senior positions can often be an intimidating process, but taking the right steps to prepare yourself and make sure that your cover letter has the advantage can mean the difference between securing an interview or not. 

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