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Will 2021 be your Amazon or Kodak moment?

So what will 2021 look like for us here in Australia? It is the opportunity to say “hey, what we were building before all this was great, but we need to shift and adapt to move forward, we understand that life balance is important and we support that but we need to make sure these company objectives are still achieved”. To make your business a preferred place to work it is also the chance to say “we get your needs, we will support your growth, we fully embrace flexibility.” 

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Remote Assistance: How Augmented Reality is Helping Businesses During the Pandemic

In recent years, the way businesses operate and how consumers buy and consume has faced many changes. The current reality has made thousands of offices unnecessary by replacing them with work from home, at the same time the development of the so-called work remotely has undergone drastic development

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It’s time to put data science and engineering in the hands of the business

Businesses have always made decisions based on data. But as the volume of data available has grown exponentially, a new discipline has evolved. Yet, faced with burgeoning data volume, variety and velocity, businesses are struggling to gain better insights because their business intelligence and decision support systems are trapped in thinking that was hatched almost four decades ago.

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Don’t be! Yes, for social media to be effective you do need to be consistent, but (there’s always a but, right?!) there’s no point just posting for the sake of posting. It won’t get you anywhere fast. No plan usually means no objective either. What’s the point of posting if you don’t know what you want to achieve from social media?

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21 Productivity Tips To Get You Moving In 2021

No matter your goal, industry or end game, being truly productive is more than just a state of mind. For many of us, it requires a conscious effort to adjust some life long habits to ensure that the work we produce matches the amount of effort that we’re putting in. After all, there is a notable difference between working hard and working smart – so how do you bridge the gap?

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