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Skills Webinar Replay: Overcoming Fear & Imposter Syndrome with Kara Lambert – March 24th @ 11am

Stop fear & Imposter Syndrome from holding you AND your business back.
Learn some of the common behaviours that we hide behind when it’s actually fear or Imposter Syndrome.
Learn to identify what drives your fear or Imposter Syndrome. Learn strategies to turn yourself around when fear or Imposter
Syndrome strikes.

Business Business Business CoFounder Clive Enever is being joined by Kara Lambert as the tackle this important topic in business and life.

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Replay: Ready Set Achieve: Your Goals in 2020

Goals change throughout the life of a business and what may have been the primary issue on your agenda in 2019 could be ticked off, resolved or no longer relevant.

Which means now is the time to review your goals and assess what you hope to achieve in the next 12 months, setting new milestones for yourself and your business.

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