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Skills Webinar Replay: Building Superfans with Personal Video

Shopify recently published a study that showed that the top 1% of customers spend 18x the median. These are your superfans. Your vocal advocates.

We all want more of them, but how can we go about proactively doing that?

Casey Hill, Bonjoro’s Head of Growth has worked with hundreds of brands to implement personal video into sales, onboarding and customer support.

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Skills Replay Webinar: put your business ON AUTO PILOT –

As business owners, it’s easy to get caught up operating in your business every day and forget about taking care of the one thing that makes it all work – YOU.

While it’s important to do everything you can to keep your customers happy and your business growing, it’s even more important to design a life around what gives you happiness because that’s the only thing that makes this journey sustainable.

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Skills Webinar Replay: Financial Foundations for your Business

We have kicked off the 2021 Skills Webinar series with Financial Foundations for your Business with Kylea Martin
Accounting uses financial information from the past to make decisions in the present to change the future. Sounds simple, right?

In this webinar we will discuss the three key types of accounting—bookkeeping, financial and management accounting—and explain the links between accounting, decision-making, business performance, and financial health.

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