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Skills Webinar Replay: Pricing Strategies: A Step Towards Generating Revenues and Earning Profit

Pricing strategy, or formula, is a tool available to businesses to help them set the prices for their products or services. There are various pricing strategies and no one strategy will produce the greatest profit under ALL market conditions. The aim of your pricing strategy should be to price for maximum profit. However, to do this, you first have to understand the different types of costs and how they behave.

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Skills Webinar: Build Trust and Credibility with Live Streaming

People do business with people they like, trust, and admire. Building trust and credibility can be challenging in the world of online marketing. When you encounter a potential client or customer IRL, they can be convinced just by looking you in the eyes, hearing the enthusiasm in your voice, and connecting with confidence in your body language. It’s difficult to create this same kind of powerful, personal interaction with a social media post or an online ad.

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Working Day Online: Make Marketing Part of Your Day – October 15th

With five businesses in the Enever Group Family, Linda Reed-Enever knows what it is like to be busy and she also knows the importance of marketing, when it comes to sales and keeping your business going.

In the Make Marketing Part of Your Day workshop, you spend a day with Linda exploring techniques and tools to help you eat the marketing elephant one bite at a time and make marketing part of your day.

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