StackAdapt is the number one programmatic native advertising platform. Engage your customers without interrupting their flow and achieve rapid acquisition without the time cost.

In 2013 StackAdapt pioneered the term Programmatic Native Advertising and became one of the first companies that brought together audience buying and content-driven native ads.

What is native advertising?

We’re sure you’ve experienced it. A piece of content on a site catches your eye, it speaks to you. It doesn’t blink or popup. A click reveals quality content and a polished, thoughtful user-experience. There you have it. Native ads are ones that integrate seamlessly into the look and feel of a site.

Programmatic native advertising dives deeper. Each ad, or content is served impression-by-impression, using real-time data and decision making to match relevant ads to users. This approach ensures unique user-experiences with every visit.

Why choose StackAdapt?

You’ll gain access to major native advertising exchanges, giving your business continued, optimal placements. They don’t stop after the click either. StackAdapt ensures an engaging, seamless experience within your content.

StackAdapt utilizes machine learning. Coupled with lightening-fast and leading-edge infrastructure, those microsecond placement decisions are smarter.

Need proof? Display channels armed with StackAdapt outperform their counterparts and acquisition campaigns consistently deliver.


  • Supports 100% customized, responsive native ad units styled to match any site’s content.
  • Your content remains on your blog or content hub, ready to be turned into an in-feed native ad.
  • Your in-feed native ad is served to your target audience across 45,000 premium publishers worldwide.

Are you ready to set your business ahead of the curve? Get started today with StackAdapt.

Try the power of Native Ads in your Business

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